I want to meet an A.I. robot in VR



Maybe something already exists so that’s why I created this topic.

A realistic humanoid robot is not something easily made but a VR animation of a human is pretty doable.

I would love to sit at a table, or whatever, and meet an A.I. powered by some nice beefy computer, like Siri has or Google. A real meeting with an A.I. entity in 3 dimension would be possible for everyone at home with a VR headset and a microphone. Eye tracking would be even better for the A.I. to read what we are doing and looking at.

I was just thinking about my voice assistent on my phone and how long it would take for a robot to be realisticly available when I thought of a virtual version.


Ha you said meat. :joy:

That would be a cool experience. To see facial expressions of an AI, putting a face to Siri. How cool. BTW you might change meat to meet, Some might get the wrong idea :grinning::beers::beer:


in the future, people will definitely meat their robots in VR


I have always wanted to meat an Ai robot emulation of Jessica Simpson


Eww… Family forum. Lol


Meet, I meant to type meet, dang spell check got me again :innocent:


Danish movie where some danes are talking to a swedish guy about “holding meat”… :slight_smile:

“Tavle” which means board almost sounds like “towel”.