I wont a refund


|December 18, 2018|Paid|Unfulfilled|$360.00|

December 07, 2018|Paid|Unfulfilled|$759.00|

after all the revues im not happy with the build looks like you have got to treat it like a new born baby
one drop its fuck for life lol
for 1100$ i wont more that simple ill wait until they get there qc in order


Or as an alternative you could just not drop it and experience the best consumer VR available today, seriously I’ve had this for like 3-4 weeks now and I can’t wipe the smile off my face it’s that good.


Most accidents happen at home it’s unavoidable there will the a time when you do . My vive and rift stud up to drops . And they tuck it on the chin that’s because they not made of cheap plastics . Every vid I see is about ppl pointing out about parts not work. Software problems . Dead pix . And customer service taking weeks to resolve. . When you pay for a rift or vive you know it’s going to work out the box . There are ppl on here that had to fuck about for 3 hours before they evern got it to work


I grabbed my vive 3 years ago, the build quality was good but I never dropped it in 3 years, the vive sub reddit is absolutely rammed with stories of nightmarish customer service with HTC tbh I would hate to have a problem with my vive. My 5K+ power adapter broke and they offered to pay me for a new one within 3 days I declined as it only cost me £12 for a universal 12v adapter. I think with a smaller company like Pimax though you may get better customer support simply because they don’t have millions of customers :wink: I’m guessing the light plastic is what makes it so light. It’s a lot larger than a vive but lighter, I mean be honest if it was solid plastic you would get a sore neck it would be front heavy, got to make compromises. Its doesn’t seem that bad tbh.


I had vive lighthouse go bad last year…took 6 weeks for HTC to replace…ugh


Steve as confirmed by @john2910 there was no drop & was bought off of backer 17. This was likely shipped before housing issue discovered.

But if you still would like to cancel your order @Dallas.Hao or @Matthew.Xu can likely assist you.


It would be interesting if some 3rd party company made a soft case around the case of the eye monitor part, of course it won’t cover up the tracking chips. It would help prevent dropping it into pieces.


Do you have time to write a review? Curious about these black dots some people see.


Please send an email to preorder email, thank you.