I would like to ask about canceling pre-order



The 8k hmd that canceled the pre-order was not refunded after 7 days promised.
When will I know if I can get a refund?

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang


They refunded me with in 24h


I am pleased to receive a refund within 24 hours.


Your email address?
I can check the record via email address and reply you the status


이메일은 post5940@gmail.com입니다


Please check the private message.


I requested a refund of P121715 (8k) on January 3rd

I received a mail saying that it took 5-7 days for a refund.

But I do not think the refund has been processed.

Could you refund P121715?


P121715 It’s been 12 days since you told me to give you a refund

However, it is still marked as paid and has not been refunded.

When can I get a refund?


I applied for cancellation of P121715, and Dallas Hao sent me an email to acknowledge it.

However, two weeks later, I can not cancel it, so I tried to contact PayPal.

Why do not you say you did not request cancellation?

Today, there is no reply mail from PimaX.

Are you cheating on me?

I’m not trying to bother you guys.

Please refund your 8k headset.


I don’t know the reason why you post your own private message in public.I will answer you in this topic if you like.
Here is the record:
1.We received your request and cancel your two orders

2.One of your order refund smoothly,but another one can not refund because it was frozen by platform.

3.I replied you in private message that you can cancel the complaint and contact me for restarting cancellation procedure and refund you soon

4.Have you cancel the complaint?We can refund you only after you cancel the complaint.I don’t understand why are you so angry by what you done.


I’m sorry I posted a private message

It is my fault.

I do not feel a little better now.

I’m sorry if I feel bad.


Have your payment back to normal status?

I will ask colleague to refund you immediately after you cancel the complaint and thawed

Please please contact me if you thaw the order


i would like to get a refund as well, i submitted a ticked but it would come up with a “Forbidden (403)”

could you please look into canceling my two orders?