If I can use Oculus controllers in SteamVR, how come they are incompatible with the Pimax in SteamVR gameplay?



** I have the USB ports/controllers to support both types of sensor systems and their data requirements at the same time.

Just want to play Alien Isolation and Bethesda VR titles.

Does lighthouse setup and usage mandatorily require the wands?

This might be a bad question, since I’m not sure if the Pimax uses a SteamVR interface with VR games or has it’s own system.

tldr: I’d rather purchase just the base station(s) for the Pimax. I understand the Pimax has a limited built-in sensor system, but not adequate by itself for higher level movement from what I read.


It is likely you need Oculus headset to run Controllers.

Is there away to use Oculus touch controllers without headset?


Oculus Constellation tracking uses what is essentially LEDs on the devices + webcams and image processing to figure out where the hmd and controllers are in the tracking space.

OpenVR Lighthouses sends out laser beams that sweep across the play space and are picked up by sensors on the devices, the timing of these tells the devices where they are.

Oculus Constellation tracking hardware doesnt talk to OpenVR Lighthouse tracking hardware.

The built in Pimax tracking has no movement, its just rotational (3dof).
For roomscale (6dof) the Pimax uses OpenVR Lighthouse tracking.

Pimax is OpenVR/SteamVR compatible and if ive understood correctly has a version of Revive (oculus emulation for steamvr) built into Pitool(the Pimax software).

Ive read something about people “marrying” the two tracking systems together but thats is very experimental and requires full setups from both hardware ecosystems: