IFA 2017/Pimax 8k discussion topic


So is there any of the forum users here going to visit ?


not unless it comes to NZ.


@sjefdeklerk Us here in New Zealand. It’s about as remote as the Caribbean islands :wink:


Exactly… Nearest major landmass is the south pole!


I think that Australia may be a bit closer than Antarctica.
Actually I’m in Melbourne and if I stand on my roof I can just about see you :slight_smile:


So we’re from Australia, New Zealand and the Carribean, not exactly next to Germany, LOL. I was hoping we had some forum visitors from Germany here.

The expo in Korea went by, nobody from our forum went and apart from a blurry video we got about 0 new info. So I’m hoping that this is not going to be the same with the IFA. I’m talking right now to the people of the german VR blog www.vrnerds.de I’m hoping I can convince them to go and do a hands-on review !


If a corporate benefactor would give me tickets, I would go :P.
To expensive to buy it as a normal private person, but I knew people who got free tickets through company ties.


Photos from Pimax 8K Facebook

The base station is fixed to the stand located on the left and right of the table and Most noticeable is the 3-in-1 cable.

I found 1st review : https://www.geeknetic.es/Noticia/12641/Adios-a-los-pixeles-con-las-gafas-de-realidad-virtual-Pimax-8K-VR.html


They took the camera tripod… Awesome!


For non-spanish speakers, this is the important part of the review that crony posted:

We were able to try them and, although this is still a non-final prototype, the difference jumps out and the contents (in this case a sub-marine demo) could be seen with much more sharpness than the more common 2K VR headsets out there today.

Can pixels be seen? Well, if we look closely you can see the pixels but they are much smaller than in the HTC Vive, Gear VR, Oculus RIFT and specially Playstation VR, something that is likely due to the fact that the lenses zoom more than conventional systems to achieve such an impressive FOV (you will never see the edges of the screen). Either way, Pimax’s solution is without a doubt the future of VR.


At least the reviewer seems to be enthousiastic. But I’m hoping we’re going to see some more in depth review with some new info. Ghosting, colours, brightness, hardware IPD, overlapped point in FoV, godrays etc etc etc, really hoping some professional reviewer is going to take a look at it.


Where’s the Playstation style head strap? Looks like the same half finished prototype from KITAS. There’s no way I’m paying 900USD until I see a finished product. Also won’t be convinced until I see some REAL content. Elite Dangerous Project cars DCS @xunshu @PimaxVR


Yeah I wonder what’s changed ? Supposedly this was going to be a new prototype but what’s new ?


Don’t worry, we support the playstation style dead strap as well. and 100% compatible with all SteamVR contents.


I’ve been thinking about this but I do see a problem: Steam games are not specifically written for the Pimax 8k with its 2 display panels. So this means that a game will render the whole image every frame. So if a game renders an 7,680x 2,160 (or lower resolution with that same aspect ratio) image at 120 hz, half of each rendered frame will be unused: the left half of the 1st frame will go the left display panel, the right half of the 2nd frame will go to the right display panel etc etc etc. This seems highly inefficient ?

Or does it work like: game renders at 7,680x 2,160 (or lower resolution with that same aspect ratio) @60 hz, left half get send to the left panel, then HALF a frametiming later the right half gets send to the right panel ? But if it works like this, is this whole ‘brainwarp’ idea then going to make any difference ? In this case why not just at 60 hz forward the left and the right part the same time ? The 2 parts belong together.

Obviously it would be best for the Pimax 8k if a game would render 3,840x2,160 (or lower resolution with that same aspect ratio) @ 120hz where every other frame it would render only the left or right and send them alternating to the HMD. But games are not written in such a style I’d assume.

And then there’s the question of the render resolution. Will games be able to render this extremely uncommon (wide FoV) resolution if they’re not specifically written for such wide FoV headset ?

I guess also an SBS movie player for example specifically needs to be (re)-written for such high FoV. So I do wonder about software compatibility. Unless they’re written in such a smart way that they ask steamVR for the HDM’s display size… Hmm … I guess most SBS players would be smart enough, but I wonder …

Hmmm thinking about this, I wonder if this is the reason that StarVR is not going to be available to consumers ? It would only make sense if a game would specifically be written for this, which is the case for StarVR arcade games.

Thanks !


Ok. I will ask a simple question. When will we see the final product?


The first day at IFA 2017 is over. I’m a bit disappointed with the media attention that Pimax has gotten, I think there’s only the review that was posted above, on the whole internet ! But 5 more days of IFA to come, let’s hope someone writes a decent review. We’ve got so many questions and so few answers …


You should have gone there. :smile:


I’m 8000 km away, a bit too far :slight_smile: I just saw that the people from vrnerds.de did go to the IFA yesterday. They posted a review of the microsoft controllers yesterday, I’m hoping they’ve also reviewed the Pimax. I think they did, would be weird for them to go the IFA without reviewing the Pimax 8k :slight_smile: So there’s some hope …

Other than that … 2nd day at IFA is almost finished and still NOTHING on the internet apart from that review that was posted here earlier …


Wait it cost 900 USD?