I'm planning to buy the 4K but I don't know if it's worth it


I received my Pimax 4k a few days ago. I was looking for a 4k screen for my preferred program, Prepar3d. The issue in Prepar3d is that the other VR systems just don’t quite have the resolution to display readable gauges. I was looking at the Sony Xperia phones, first the older one the z5 premium, which is affordable, but that was a no go because USB isn’t going to be able to carry 4k signal. And the new xz premium is too expensive, even though it has USB-C, which theoretically can connect to DisplayPort. I decided to go with the Pimax because it is all ready to go. Then I was pleased to read here that it has a slightly newer version of the Sony z5 premium screen. So it’s a win.
I am very pleased with the Pimax. It has a decent build quality. For an electronic product it has a higher than average quality. It’s light and very comfortable. I am an audiophile, so I can vouch for the build, but the speakers are only a little above average. They work nicely and fit great with the comfort of the headset. If I could change them out I would, but I’m much pickier than average for sound.
Plug it in. Download the software and install. It works. And very well. While you don’t get oculus/vive framerates … you don’t need them.

I was gonna finish this… but I got distracted. It’s now been a month, and I’m still happy with them, even with the lens issue, which I’ll eventually fix somehow. Great purchase. And with NOLO VR being 360 usable now, when it gets here and they finally get there with the software I will be smuggly satisfied I beat the heck out of Oculus and Vive for visual quality and price.


This is a VERY SILLY idea. Because in flight simulation there is nothing that can replace the immersion one gets with VR


I have the BE version also, still in its box as I will build a new computer (i7 7700K, GTX 1080) this weekend. I also plan to run flight sims (Aerofly FS2 and IL-2) as you do,

Since I have never run PiPlay or Steam VR etc. do you mind sharing whatever settings you have set that work well with the BE and flight sims?



I Love mine, I am running on a GIGABYTE 790FX WITH HD7970GHZ AND 8GB RAM, PLUS AMD 945 QUAD. Works well on the lower settings. Just ordered up new MOBO and CPU also found a great used Razer Hydra on EBay for $60. So my total upgrade through EBay was under $200 including Controllers. EXCITED…YEAH IT’S WORTH IT,


At this point I would not recommend the Pimax. The drivers have never been stable. You will be more messing around with driver up- and downgrading and finding workarounds than actually playing games. The resolution is obiously better than with Oculus/Vive, though it’s not 4k but upscaled 1440, but the ghosting and inferior tracking ruins it. If you are planning to move your head, think twice before buying a Pimax. I would wait for the reviews of the MS Mixed Reality headset. They’ll be available within a month and if they play nice with Steam they might be a better choice.


Look, it’s true that a couple of good VR controls are still missing (I’m hoping this will change) but at one point I totally disagree with you, the latest drivers are stable, very stable!
And as far as I know, my Pimax 4K 100xxx series does not only have 1440 resolution.


The display is 4K but the render resolution is much lower and than upscaled to 4K. There is no Pimax4k with native 4k, no matter what serial number you have. You still profit because the screen door effect is independend of the render resolution but it’s less sharp than real 4k. Well, that’s not such a big problem like ghosting.
I think the drivers are very unstable especialy when combined with nolo. The screen often stays off, than I have to plug the USB in and out, restart SteamVR. Every time I restart SteamVR I have to redo the room setup or my head will be in the floor. There’s awfull drift, and there are so many basic featues missing like hardware button to recenter and again ghosting ghosting ghosting.


Why do you need to redo roomscale? I have set it n 4get it.

I don’t use nolo & the head movement is fine. Razer hydra does work well for motion controls. And with drvr4vr psmove with ping pong ball works well.

Yes 4k native may look better but the upscaled 1440p is quite good compared to just 1440p headset.

Driver wise its ghosting that is a concern but depending on the title not as noticeable.

Yes it would be better to jump on 5k/8k if its in the budget & your content on waiting.


NOLO is an unstable gadget, basically an “early access” indie VR controller. You can not blame Pimax 4K because of architectural flaws in NOLO.


Where did you purchase your BE version? Thanks!



Hi, please send email to sales@pimaxvr.com, thanks.


I bought it from Gearbest but completely abandoned my whole VR project after a couple of days as it did not go down well with my partner. It has been left sitting in its box for months as I haven’t got around to selling it. I also have the Nolo which is still sealed and never opened. I will probably put them up on eBay shortly - although I have been telling myself that for months :blush:

I would sell my Pimax 4K BE for USD 250 as it is has barely been used. I would see the Nolo for USD 150 as it is brand new an unopened I’m in Sydney Australia if anyone is interested.


I would be very interested in the Pimax BE westgj. Hey my email address is unvmy69rs@sbcglobal.net. Send me an email and lets work something out. Thanks


I would be very interested in the Pimax BE westgj. Hey my email address is unvmy69rs@sbcglobal.net. Send me an email and lets work something out. Thanks


Hi, I emailed you twice but no reply.


I wouldn’t mind having a chat with you about that.
I’m in Melbourne Australia.
email: elbe5050@gmail.com