Image distortion


My 4k Pimax arrived yesterday and I am struggling to set it up. Using it to play IL-2 Sturmovik and I am getting massive image stretching whenever the headset moves. I checked my IPD with the vive measuring tool and its 70.2 but it doesn’t seem to matter what I change it too. Also I have tried many different game resolutions with no improvement.
Anyone have any suggestions?


Hi Doodlebug,

I too have a IPD which does not match in the 4k. My IPD is 69.5 but on the piplay settings i have to set it to 57! it seems to be a common thing here for people with high IPD to have to set it really low to get a good focus - try IPD values from 55 to 59



Dear Doodlebug and Enopho, what’s your Piplay Version?


mine is and i have enrolled in piplay beta and firmware beta versions


You were right 59 has improved it. It still does it tho


still does what?? the stretching you mean?


Methinks ill be waiting for an update


Hi, can you share us your PC config? e.g. desktop or laptop, GPU and its version, Piplay version, comparison with other games, or adjust the resolution of this game if it could be, it will be better for our further estimate :slight_smile:


Its a desktop.Ryzen5 with a Nvidia 1080
Piplay version is the latest
I tried a range of resolutions from 3840 x 2160 to 1024 x 768.
I also tried some 4:3 and 16:10 resolutions with no difference.
I ran “The Blu” and it was distortion free.
Perhaps a headtracking issue?


Hi, please let me know the serial number of the headset, the label should be found on the headset, thanks.


I get the image twisting in IL2 when I set the image quality in PiPLay above 1 before starting… I have to set it
to 1 then start IL2 then alt-tab back to PiPlay and then can increase the image quality all the way to 3 without
any issue.


Thanks for that it works well!

New PiPlay version 2.0.7 Beta is available for downloading