Image is very blury on the near sides and I get a lot of lens flare when looking at a source of light in the headset


Hello everyone,

I am using latest Steam VR with latest PiTool. Any modification in the setting of both these softwares doesn’t fix or improve any of the 2 following effects. I also played with IPD (A lot) and tried multiple method posted on this forum about getting the ipd set properly.I believe at 64, my eyes are the most happy.

I received my headset less than a week ago and I soon noticed big blurs on near-side. Anything that isn’t in the center is blurred and of course on the far side it gets worse. Happens everywhere, everytime. I heard something about distortion profile, could it be it?

I also noticed very noticeable lens flare when looking at white color in game.For example, in Steam VR, if I look at the main sceen wich is black with the white steam logo, I get lens flare. Maybe the term I am using is wrong, might be glare or god rays. However, it doesn’t look like it’s coming from an external source of light in my studio. If I concentrate enough on the screen (particularly in ED), I can actually see shape of the lenses themselves. Is it normal for a Pimax HMD?

Thank you all!!

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I just received mine 5K+ and can confirm the above, so much distortions around the edges and the god rays are quire severe !!! Also the lack of colours makes it almost look black and white in Elite Dangerous… Like you have turned the colour right down on your TV to be ‘just’ on etc…


I actually do not have any problems with the colors. The glare and blur tho are really annoying. Did you opened a ticket?


No tickets, as I don’t think it is faulty per se’, it is faulty in the sense that it doesn’t look right, but not in a not built right sense. For me it is simply a really poor choice of panels for a supposedly premium product… Almost like it was a bit rushed…


used my 5K for the first week and dialed it in but it still slipped out of place and was very hurting on the nose
Brand new thicker face pad hold the to my face on the sweet spot stays where it should now and it’s a lot more comfortable.


I have a few VR covers pads, tried them all with no real benefit, even tried putting on a DAS, can’t say it really made much of a difference, except adding headphones etc…


Can you tell me wich one you’re using?


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