Image Tearing but only on the left Display with 90Hz **now with Video**



Hi everyone,

yesterday I’ve received my Pimax 5k+ Headset and sadly I have an Issue with it.

Problem description:

  • If I use the Pimax 5k+ with 90Hz, independent of all other settings in PiTool or SteamVR, I see tearing.
  • It’s always in the middle of the screen and while the upper half is stable the lower half is misaligned by 1px (with Small FOV) up to 4-5px (with Large FOV)
  • Additionally, the lower half is changing the number of pixels its misaligned to the upper half. It’s jittering/jumping all the time.
  • Update #1: It’s ONLY on the left Display! on the right Display I have no tearing.
  • Update #2 It’s ONLY happening with my Nvidia GeForce 2080 Ti, on my a 1080 (non-Ti) no tearing appear.
  • Update #3 Other people confirm that they have the same issue, with different GPUs.

Live Recording:

captured with a Canon EOS 77D.

Reproduction steps:

  • Just start any SteamVR Game or Software with Large FOV and 90Hz

What I tried - but didn’t work:

  • Changing every possible setting in Pitool (except Refresh Rate)
  • Changing every possible setting in SteamVR
  • Turning G-Sync on/off for my Monitor.
  • Setting my monitors Hz from 100hz to 60hz.
  • Trying out every other possible Display Port (and combinations)
  • Trying out every other USB Port

What I tried - and worked:

  • By reducing the Refresh Rate from 90hz to e.g. 72hz no tearing is visible at all anymore, indifferent which FOV is being used or other settings are made.

What I’d like to have:

  • Stable Picture also with 90Hz/Large Fov.

Technical Background:

  • No, I am not using any kind of extension cables
  • I only have one additional Display Port Component on the GPU, which is my Monitor.
  • I am using a 2080 Ti, it’s overclocked by the manufacturer and I didn’t change any clocks.
  • I am using the latest NVidia Graphics driver: 430.86
  • OS: Windows 10 x64 Prof.
  • PiTool: V1.0.1.132
  • Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.212

New Support Page?


  • Its ONLY on the left Eye! on the right side i have no tearing with 90Hz/Large FOV.


I’ve uploaded a Video to Youtube where you can see the tearing in action:


Have you checked the cable?


Yes I did, but not as close as I did it today again.

First i thought there are no abnormalities. But at a closer look I feel and see one single bump in the cable which seems to be off. The bump is close to the Headset itself and can’t be pushed back either by pressing it gently with my thumb or trying to bend the cable gently anti-/clockwise.

Also while pressing/bending the area it has no effect onto the tearing when i reproduce it. So I don’t know if this has something to do with the Tearing at all.

Here some fotos:


Suspen & RMA that unit


Created a Ticket in their (new) Ticketsystem:

I update this thread as soon as i have new information.


I have a bump like that on my replacement cable too (which works fine). Not the best quality I guess… :face_with_monocle:


Ok, it’s getting weird now.

All the tests described in the first Post were made with my (recently bought) Graphics Card: MSI GeForce-RTX-2080-Ti-GAMING-X-TRIO. Before i bought the new 2080 Ti, i had a MSI GeForce-GTX-1080-GAMING-X-8G.

I still have the 1080 so i tested today if i have the same tearing issue with the old GPU. The Result:

With the NVidia GeForce 1080, I have no tearing! It’s only happening on the NVidia GeForce 2080 Ti!

Now i am really without a clue what to do next.

Except for the tearing issue on the Pimax 5k+, I have no other Problem with the new 2080 Ti. Every Game works so far on my PC Monitor without any problem.

I can only imagine that the Display Port Signal from the 2080 Ti is just worse than the one from the NVidia GeForce 1080 and that creates this problem. But i don’t know how to prove this claim. Do you have any reports of 2080 Ti Users with this issue?


Pimax answered today. They want a remote desktop session with me. Gladly i will participate and tell you afterwards what was the result. We just have to align with the date and time, but i hope that this will be quickly sorted out.

P.s.: Today evening i will reinstall my computer from zero. I don’t have much hope it will solve the problem, but you never know. I will keep you updated.


Small update:
I’ve reinstalled my whole PC. Really wiped everything. The problem still exists in the same intensity. So no changes here.

And we agreed to have today afternoon a teamviewer session.


Another Update:
I’ve replaced my Corsair 750W Power Supply with the Seasonic Prime 1000W Ultra because someone in Discord mentioned it ‘might’ have something to with the tearing. To be precise the OC’ed 2080 Ti and my other components ‘might’ draw more power as the old supply can deliver - or it is hard on the limit.

But sadly, it didn’t changed anything.

In the meantime i had also a teamviewer session with Pimax. Their guess is that my Pimax 5k+ has some unknown hardware issue and they will replace it.

They also guess it has nothing to do with the Graphics card because if it would be the case the issue would not only be visible on the left display but both. Reason for that seems to be that the Graphics card sends the Picture ‘as a whole’ and will be then cut into two in the Pimax itself. Would there be a problem with the Signal and/or the Picture itself, it had to be visible on both screens.

Well seems i had just bad luck with my Pimax 5k+ :slight_smile: But thanks Pimax for their support so far. Even if there are problems with their headset, so far they showed a lot of patience with me.


DP in your RTX card producing significant more EMI than in old card. In your situation I would try to replace your gfx card for another brand. Or you need cable with better connector shielding.

„ a. Cable Improvements: (This relates to the flickering pixel and “snow” effects some have experienced.) We have analyzed the cause which turned out to be mainly due to the proper effectiveness of the conductive shielding effect. We have found that some special cases (different computer configurations and environments) are the main causes of this issue, and we have asked supplier to enhance the shielding performance of the Cable. We rigorously screen and test the cables and closely monitor the factory assembly process to eliminate this issue”


Thanks @Yata_PL
i will consider to exchange the GPU. I still hope that ‘just’ exchanging the Pimax 5k+ will also have an positive effect, after all the tearing only happens on the left side of the pimax 5k+ which doesn’t fit (at least what i understood so far) for an cable problem.

Anyway, i am still waiting for getting the address where i have to send the headset back. Since 4 days i won’t get any answer anymore in the ticket #16,159. Very strange.


But with gtx 1080 your current Pimax is fine, so my logic saying me that this is very low probability…


I’m having this EXACT same issue. I also use a 2080ti, founders edition. I did exactly everything that you did. Nothing fixes this problem. Dropping to 72hz fixes all issues. The only difference is that my right eye is the one that’s messed up, the left is totally fine. SO frustrating. I just opened a ticket… we’ll see what happens…


oh wow, sorry to hear that, but I am also glad I am not the only one. At least it increases the chance we figure both out what could be the reason for this problem.

May I ask you (@xstatementx) which 2080 Ti do you have? I have the following one:

Did you have the chance to exchange your 2080 Ti for another one? Because that’s the last option except exchanging the Pimax 5k+ which I haven’t tried out so far.


I have two of these:

Same exact issue on both cards. 100% a headset issue. I’m terribly confused on why 72hz would run perfectly fine but 90hz won’t. Have you tried rolling back to an earlier version of PiTool? That’s the one thing I haven’t tried.


i can only guess that the left display, or in your case the right display isn’t able to handle 90hz and creates the tearing. Might be also the bridge chip or anything in the processing pipeline. Whatever it is, i will send today my Headset back to pimax and hope the next one won’t have the same issue finger crossed.

Thanks for clarifying that this issue seems not to be an problem with the gpu itself.

And to answer your question, i never used the beta versions of pitool - so from that perspective i am already using an ‘old’ version But i haven’t tried an older/newer version than this. And you?


I just opened a ticket myself for the same issue in the right eye, I run mine with a GTX Stix 1080ti. Been searching everywhere for a fix glad I found this thread.