Image Tearing but only on the left Display with 90Hz **now with Video**



I received my headset today and I have this exact same problem with the left display. My GPU is an MSI 1080TI Gaming X. Did you receive the replacement headset ?


Not yet. Mine arrived Pimax yesterday, so i guess i will get my replacement, end of this week up to the middle of the next week. I keep this Thread updated as soon as i have it :slight_smile:


Here are 2 videos of my unit.

We can see 3 problems :

  1. The dots flickering like snow . ( easier to see on black background. )

  2. The tearing image (on left eye display only and at 90hertz)

  3. The image goes black screen for a second once in a while randomly and come back to normal.


I also have the 1 pixel center screen horizontal tear but in the right panel. I’m afraid RMA’ing and get a new one the same problem will occur.


I received my second headset today and this one seem to function just fine.

I will finally start to explore the simracing world with a Pimax on Assetto Corsa.

No more tearing image and no snow pixel to date.


I havent been refund yet for the 60$ I engaged to reship myself the defect headset to their warehouse in California. ( They have pictures of the receipt.) I’ve been told Monday that it should be done this week. One more day left and pretty sure it wont happen.

When I shipped the defect headset, they asked me to declare a 0$ value and wrote defect unit return onto the paper to avoid them extra fees and cost when it arrive in San Jose and I did.

I asked Pimax to do the same for me for the replacement unit to avoid myself to pay a second customs and tax fees within 2-3 weeks for the same product twice. He agree to that.

Guess what happen today ? I had to pay DHL another 39$ to take delivery of the package because it was indicate on the paper the unit had a value of 104$ Canadian just like the first headset. The package have been ship just like a regular order and no where it was said on the paper that it was a replacement unit under warranty at zero cost.

I must now ask Pimax to reimburse and refund myself 98-99$ for those extra fees engaged because of their faulty brand new unit that I got at first.

I dont think it is over exagerate to ask them to assume those cost regardless all the hassle I had.


Sad to hear, but stay strong. Usually, they pay the bills, sometimes you have just to remember them multiple times. At least this is what I encountered so far.

P.s.: My new Headset is still on DPDs Storage and for whatever reason, they don’t send it out for 5 days … Pimax had now to get into contact with DPD to find out whats the reason … oh boy, I have the feeling this will take very long before I finally get it.


Excuse my ignorance but what is a


DPD is a delivery company similar to DHL

I also have the same issue with the right display :frowning: opened a ticket and referenced post thanks for the detailed attempts to fix.