Image Tearing but only on the left Display with 90Hz **now with Video**



I received my headset today and I have this exact same problem with the left display. My GPU is an MSI 1080TI Gaming X. Did you receive the replacement headset ?


Not yet. Mine arrived Pimax yesterday, so i guess i will get my replacement, end of this week up to the middle of the next week. I keep this Thread updated as soon as i have it :slight_smile:


Here are 2 videos of my unit.

We can see 3 problems :

  1. The dots flickering like snow . ( easier to see on black background. )

  2. The tearing image (on left eye display only and at 90hertz)

  3. The image goes black screen for a second once in a while randomly and come back to normal.


I also have the 1 pixel center screen horizontal tear but in the right panel. I’m afraid RMA’ing and get a new one the same problem will occur.


I received my second headset today and this one seem to function just fine.

I will finally start to explore the simracing world with a Pimax on Assetto Corsa.

No more tearing image and no snow pixel to date.


I havent been refund yet for the 60$ I engaged to reship myself the defect headset to their warehouse in California. ( They have pictures of the receipt.) I’ve been told Monday that it should be done this week. One more day left and pretty sure it wont happen.

When I shipped the defect headset, they asked me to declare a 0$ value and wrote defect unit return onto the paper to avoid them extra fees and cost when it arrive in San Jose and I did.

I asked Pimax to do the same for me for the replacement unit to avoid myself to pay a second customs and tax fees within 2-3 weeks for the same product twice. He agree to that.

Guess what happen today ? I had to pay DHL another 39$ to take delivery of the package because it was indicate on the paper the unit had a value of 104$ Canadian just like the first headset. The package have been ship just like a regular order and no where it was said on the paper that it was a replacement unit under warranty at zero cost.

I must now ask Pimax to reimburse and refund myself 98-99$ for those extra fees engaged because of their faulty brand new unit that I got at first.

I dont think it is over exagerate to ask them to assume those cost regardless all the hassle I had.


Sad to hear, but stay strong. Usually, they pay the bills, sometimes you have just to remember them multiple times. At least this is what I encountered so far.

P.s.: My new Headset is still on DPDs Storage and for whatever reason, they don’t send it out for 5 days … Pimax had now to get into contact with DPD to find out whats the reason … oh boy, I have the feeling this will take very long before I finally get it.


Excuse my ignorance but what is a


DPD is a delivery company similar to DHL

I also have the same issue with the right display :frowning: opened a ticket and referenced post thanks for the detailed attempts to fix.


My package is now even send back by DPD to the sender… and Pimax isn’t answering me either. If you want to read the whole story, check this: Do you need Pimax support regarding your SUPEN ticket? I might help you!


The team is looking at this at the moment, let me get back to you shortly when I have some news to share! Sorry to hear about your struggles :frowning:


On my side, after 2 weeks, I have been fully reimburse for the shipping fees engaged to ship the brand new defect headset to California and also for the second invoice for taxs and duty fees that I also had to pay for the replacement unit that I got.

It took some times guys but if you follow your case closely and send them email again and again with good proofs and evidence the job should be done. They are a bit slower then what we would expect of course but they arent thief.

I am finally happy it is over and I can now start to enjoy my Pimax headset one month + after I initialy placed the order.

I just hope my unit is going to be reliable for at least 2-3 years to come because at that price you dont want to have to rebuy a new headset every year.

For now I only use it for simracing with Assetto Corsa and I will keep my oculus rift S to play other game with the remote control.

I must admit the image clarity with the Oculus Rift S at 1.7 SS is a little bit better superior to the Pimax 5K+ at 1.25SS Pitool + 78% SS Steam VR. I did some test to read some sign on the side of the track at distance and the rift S is impressive even if on paper the resolution is not a big improvement. The pimax
is all about the FOV now and not about image clarity anymore.


I received my Pimax 5k+ yesterday and tested it thoroughly.
And Yeah! The Tearing is gone.

This Ticket can be now closed

P.s.: I am using the latest Nvidia (431.60) and latest Pimax Beta PiTools (V1.0.1.180.Beta). The Pimax 5k has the Firmaware (V2.1.255.220) In case someone wants to know.