In fact, I have a dream - DIY Wide Fov HMD


In fact, I have a dream - DIY Wide Fov HMD.
The picture below was taken on June 4, 2017.
I will build my headset by assembling the two displays and lenses arranged horizontally.
It would be pretty cool if it could be completed.
In the meantime, with the development of lenses and displays, I expect to be able to purchase a wider range of products than ever before.
Cheers ~!

New lens, just taken

Looking into the Fresnel lens, the prejudice disappears.


Interesting, try to development more.


If you succeed to build a hmd with 2 x native OLED 8k panels, 360 fov, HDR, 120hz (minimum) with adaptive sync to be sure, let me know so I can start building a new gaming rig.

Anyway good luck with your project!