Incredible VR Animated Character ProjectM Daydream



I only discovered ProjectM Daydream today despite playing the short demo in 2017. It’s now a 20 minute experience as part of a bigger project. It’s designed as a dating sim but really shows off an amazing looking character model that animates realistically. However, it’s the facial expressions that put her way above many similar projects like VR Kanojo, Together VR etc. For those who don’t want to pay the small entrance fee of $5 on Steam check the video.

For me, I have a fantasy that one day we have a game like this but has an AI character which you interact with via speech, has eye tracking and can be touched (reacting to your touch). There are games in the making offering similar ideals such as Virt-A-Mate but these don’t have any characterization/AI or the advanced facial animations and personality as seen in ProjectM. What you notice when talking to character in this game is her emotion, this is conveyed very well via her expressions - obviously the Korean language is a barrier but still shows much promise overall. I can’t wait to see how this plays on the 8K and if Pimax get the eye tracking sorted, this is the type of game that might benefit from it. Check it out.


I wait more coming game.


Wow, looks awesome!!