Index Controller (Knuckles) - Easy Working Solution!


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Anyone else finding this workaround isn’t working?

I can pair up, get the green hands in steamhome but they aren’t functional. Only the trigger works, no finger manipulation or other buttons -Doesn’t work in any game, either. Tried multiple reboots, restarts and nada.

I’m a sad panda.


I can’t test myself. But would reccommend testing Games Demoed by Cas & Chary.

@mmorselli would likely have a listing of programs to try that have strong index controller support for new functions these controllers bring.


I have an issue where sometimes the left controller thinks it’s right and vice versa. The white hand icon on them in VR is wrong. When this happens I have to turn them off then turn the right on first or they don’t work properly. I can see them and point but gripping etc does not work.

E : this was before updating the firmware. Not tried sinse.


Thanks, this seems to have worked to update the firmware.


Having no luck with any fixes. I can’t install ‘knuckles’ drivers it says disk write error in steam. Weird.

I’m getting the vive wand icons in steamVR. They appear to work but controller 3d model missing.

Plugged in my vive so managed to get the controller updates etc, all working fine. back to pimax and same deal.


scratch that… all fixed. After deleting the failed new knuckles driver install I got it working.

These feel really weird going to take some getting used to. I can’t get them to track individual fingers properly though, tends to bend two.


Kinda fixed. Left/right inverted and invisible hands in vr apps.


Glad you got it working. I’ll try the install later too.

I think it being not accurate is a case of self calibration over hours of play. Either that or bugs.

Did you manage to do a firmware update on them first as I got my yesterday and still needed an update.


I got them to update by connecting my Vive. In @mmorselli post above though they didn’t seem to have to do that.

I changed the little slider that adjusts for your hand size, and it’s seems to track better. I don’t know if that interacts with software or it just gripped my hand a bit different.


Index Controllers learns the shape of your hand and the capacitance of your skin during use, and this logic is built into the controller, not the driver. These errors should disappear over time.


Yeah… I’m still working out what’s best in the short time I tried them for ergonomics. I think getting them as far up the back of the hand as possible is best but might be wrong.

I need to do the driver update to get it working properly. Was hoping to avoid that.

One thing is its actually harder now to take off headset, drink some water, or do anything with them on :wink: sigh…

They are definitely meant to calibrate over time though according to reviews.


Curious with what your saying. How does it fair with multiple users? As each user will likely have different properties in hand shape & skin capacitance.


I’m definitely on the fence about how they work at the moment, it’s an inconvenience having them strapped to your hand, but throwing stuff in that moon dust demo is just way better than before.

Also, having the thumbstick and button presses in the game Moss is WAY better than with the vive wands. Oculus got this part right from the start.

That learning thing sounds interesting… mine definitely did improve pretty quickly.

I’m sure they will be great after a week…


I have updated my Index controllers so now I want to pair them. I have at the moment 3 Vive controllers, 1 using a dongle, do I have to first unpair all of them and then what do I do?


I didn’t unpair anything, whichever two controllers I power on first connect. Although the vive comes up with the index 3d model at the moment…


no problem you might start wearing one of this when on a longer (VR) trip

and if you really have to, there are also dippers in adult size - don’t by shy astronauts use them too :wink:


It works! Great mmorselli! :wink:


:slight_smile: good tips on the diapers lol!

hopefully the amazing time I had on my vr extended trip won’t instantly be ahem “soiled” once I take the headset off and realise that the smell wasn’t coming from the post apocalyptic city I was exploring in VR but my own self…

Deep metaphors and learning about one’s self in VR to be gained perhaps! :wink:


I wondered the same things, maybe it stores multiple profiles. I have a Fitbit scale that recognizes the actual user, I suppose a controller can do the same.:wink:

Valve confirmed these details during the Index Party