Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Restart it couple times


I already rolled it back. Only installed the beta to see if it affected another problem I was having.


I got the same issue how did you fix it?


Nevermind fixed it had to reinstall steam vr


Tracking for Vive Pro Wands and 2.0 Base Stations is currently broken as well. I’m having this issue as I type this and have tried every “solution” on the forums and every other website you can think of and still can’t resolve this. I’m using Valve 2.0 Base Stations and Vive Pro (2018) Wands.


Having issues with my knuckles and 2.0 lighthouses,one controller will randomly dissapear or shoot of f the longer i play the worse and more regular it get,heres what steam support say


do you have v1 lighthouses too? i dont have any issues with them and index controllers


Y eah i tried my 1.0 lighthouses and thought id cracked it but after 90 mins exactly the same,have tried the knuckles on vive and all is great,steam are right its definetly a pimax software issue caused through pitool hijacking the steam vr tracking


same issue with lighthouses 1.0 here. doesnt matter if I choose steamvr or beta, my right controller loses tracking, sometimes or very often, no idea, what is the problem


If it’s Knuckle’s controller that is also on the list of issues Index & vive pro some users have reported.


is there a way to calibrate the index controllers so that it appears in front of me? my controllers tracks ok but the micky mouse gloves are like five meters to the right of me and pointing in another direction away from me. i can’t find a way to get them to where they are supposed to be.


you should try to redo room setup in pitool and after this in steam vr


Ok, first thank you @Heliosurge for your everlasting presence, unbelievable!
Im back here, because Valve support sends me :wink:
They say I have to install the newest firmware for my 5k XR, but I think v2.1.255.212 is the newest, right? Also Pitool v1.0.1.180 Beta.

My problem:

Whenever I have the right index controller slightly behind me and at the height of my butt, it disappears. The 1.0 Base Stations are constructed as intended. The left controller is working perfectly.
This happen also with closed Steamvr, when I see the pimax scene with the mountains and the wands.

Is this problem possibly due to Pimax?


Yes the latest firmware is 212. That’s awesome to hear of Valve as it demonstrates that pimax & valve are indeed communicating & collaberating to make things better.

As for tracking not sure @SweViver would better to ask as he has more experience with controllers & lighthouses.

Plugging in Light houses(usb) might be an idea to check for firmware updates.

I have assisted with setups at a couple of events. But those with the exception of the v2 prototype were problem free setups.


This sounds like a “blind spot” to me. Are you using a sync cable between the base stations?

Im not sure if this is corrent, but here is my theory based on some testings done in the past. If you dont use a sync cable, the base stations needs to see eachother at all time. If they dont see eachother for a moment, then only the first “A” basestation will track the controllers. Lets say your base station “A” is in front, it will not see your controller behind your back, and it will stop to track it (it disappears).

This problem could happen in case your base stations are positioned too low or incorrectly, and in some cases your head (or lets say a ceiling lamp or something between) disrupts the “free sight” between the base stations.

Using a sync cable, the base stations are always paired and working together, no matter if they see eachother or not. This is why I ended up using a sync cable already 2 years ago, and never stopped doing so. I got much more reliable tracking using a sync cable.

Another theory could be if you have any mirror/window in your room, that creates reflections and causes “blind spots” for the base station(s).

Anyhow, try using a sync cable and see if it helps @yxcxcv !


I had a similar problem with my index controllers. Turned out it was sunlight from the window. Try shutting your curtains/blinds.


Yep Steam Tracking like psvr & constellation tracking do not like sunlight.


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