Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



If you don’t already have Knuckles/Index controllers. Don’t worry about trying any fix.

Wait & try it as Cas & Chary didn’t need these fixes.

As it seems problem was generated due to name change.


Did anyhow the advent of the knuckles controllers give us back a working openvr driver or something for having again wasd input in steamvr ?


Not sure but a user was mentioning openvr Walk in place. Did it use wasd?


No idea. What is openvr walk in place?


Apparently an oprion of sorts for walk in place using hmd x yz to allow walk in place.

They had a kickstarter for Driver… But was free.


Thanks! Need to find a way to maybe contact the person that has worked on this and ask about wasd


Did the Pitool update this morning and Knuckles now work great. Only thing had to do was to switch back to SteamVR and not the Beta branch to get the fingers to track. Strange.

In the Moondust Demo there are still no hands though.


Having big tracking problems with Valve Index Controllers. It seems to get worse the longer i play. I installed the latest beta of pitool, then i upfraded the FW on the controllers. It made no difference. I am really getting tired at this beta things.

Anyone any idea?


How did you do the firmware upgrade on the controllers? I tried that too yesterday, startet SteamVR through PiTool and Without, connected them via USB-C Cable, but everytime SteamVR thinks the controllers are up to date.


Maybe they are…? :wink:



Thanks a lot, will try that later!.. Maaaan, not a single thing that isn´t awkward with pimax.


For me the firmware upgrade was not the solution, BUT mounting the basestations to a much more equal height seemed to help!

Strange, cause the vive wands did not show those problems before.


@nargorn hi, unfortunately i didn’t solve the issue. Still one of the controllers (mostly the left one) is not properly tracked after a while of using even tho my base stations are pretty high mounted on the walls. What did you do exactly?


They are on the same height. And afterwards i repeated the roomscale setup in Pitool and Steam. Hopefully it works also next time, i boot…


I installed my index controllers yesterday and I had no issues with pairing or tracking. The joysticks are pretty garbage but I don’t think I can blame Pimax for that.


hello, now I have my new controllers valve knuckles in the pitools version .144, the games recognize me the sensor of proximity for the fingers, and the pressure sensor, for some reason in some games like contractors or space junkies I can not use the option to close the hand to catch the weapons, the greep option does not work, it is not playable. Someone else happens?


Hey atm I’d say @mmorselli is one of our best resources for index controllers. He likely will have some ideas on this.


yes, the same reported by all my friends on the same games, which work seamlessly using Index Controllers and Vive (so, STANDARD SteamVR). I think it’s a matter for the PiTool devs.


I have discovered how to solve it, in the remapping of the controllersin settings, you have to add a new handle to the existing handle and add it as left and right grip in each controller, this option is missing in the pimax native driver at the moment.