Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Great!, Please share the profiles in the public workshop


Awesome find. Unlike the old Oculus support on the p4k (appears to be as old as revive) they didn’t have controller mappings & Tracking to deal with. Glad they re implemented Oculus support. But still some hiccups it seems with new things.

Hopefully once they have a properly tested stable release things like this will be fixed.


It is better not to create profiles, just add the option to grab or grip for each game in the grab section itself in the main settings in the VR enviroment site pressing the menu button.


Your passive aggression is getting a little aggressive there, pal. :wink:


Pimax has yet to release a properly tested patch so I think lay off the blaming index users a little maybe?


Well i do agree with criticism on the right parts. Betas I expect known issues & perhaps easy to discover issues (to a point). Imstabilities are to be more expected & accepted.

But some of the things popping up in what is supposedly a Stable release (without a known issue in notes) is… Not a good way to instill & maintain customer confidence & support.

The Pushed out Beta should have been called an Alpha release. And with Luck they can do a patch update similar to the Dll release to allow gpu push.

Let’s just say it’s good Linus Torvalds is not a backer. :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


Whose chewing into index users? Beta was pushed out to calm what a few whom wanted a fix. It’s here & rougher than what folks are used to.

Thankfully it’s only a few things broken with someone presenting a community workaround.

Great thing for what is likely the majority of backers & consumers whom didn’t get Index Controllers. Is can roll back to a version that is stabler (vs a stable labeled version). Until new features work in the next potentially stable release.


So after sifting through this thread I think I might wait a bit longer before I decide if should buy some index controllers . They seem to be getting mixed reviews even when they are working properly. Hopefully it’s just a immature software thing .


Or one day we might even get our Pimax controllers :grinning::+1::partying_face::upside_down_face::yum:


with newest pitool beta (PiToolSetup_1.0.1.144_beta20190701.exe) now the knuckles work with pimax… thanks


In Skyrim at least I found the controller much more consistent and useable when not using the SteamVR beta. (just saying because your screenshot shows the beta).


what did you do to get it working? for some reason my index controllers aren’t even registering as index.
they just appear as htc vive wands everywhere and only the triggers work.


what did you do to get it working? for some reason my index controllers aren’t even registering as index.
they just appear as htc vive wands everywhere and only the triggers work.


Download new Pitool.


I did 3 times with different versions of software and I’m still getting the generic c icon and no support


You need Pitool


I have that version and I still can’t use index controllers properly


I had the same problem, with one LH and Index controllers. I haven’t installed Knuckles old driver, but at some point I connected controllers via USB and after restarting the PC all worked. I also paired them in Pitool first, and then paired them in SteamVR. I also deleted the LH folder from the Pitool path before restarting. I don’t remember if I changed SteamVR “null” headset settings, but may be worth checking.


try to plugin vive hmd > pair index > firmware upgrade > plugin pimax > pair in pitool > maybe uninstall pitool and delete all data:
after that you can install the pimax beta PiToolSetup_1.0.1.144_beta20190701.exe


If you’re using SteamVR switch to the BETA branch or vice versa. See if that helps.