Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Sorry if I forgot to mention this. Yes, when using a sync cable, you need to have them in A+b mode. Otherwise, the sync cable is ignored. Please try this and let me know if it helps!


Hey man. I have been experiencing this same exact issue. I initially thought it was an issue with the controllers, so I RMA’d, TWICE, and experienced the exact same issue with all three sets. I still have all three sets, and have tested all configurations of controllers (mixing and matching from the sets) and every time, one controller (left or right, it changes) has the issue.

What happens is, I put my controller to my side, or behind my back, and it stops tracking entirely. This is noticeable in games such as beat saber, as when I swing the saber, it loses tracking on my downswing and reappears when it’s away from my side (hip). No matter which direction I am facing in relation to my base stations, this problem occurs. I am certain that this is not a reflective surface issue, as the other controller tracks perfectly well in the same area when I am standing in the same place and facing the same direction. It is always one controller that has this exact issue, while the other tracks perfectly fine in the same areas.

I’ve also tried it on a second computer, made sure that there is no sunlight leaking in, as well as turned off all of the lights.

Step by step visualization of what is happening: I take the left controller in my left hand and put it down to the left side of my hip, and it loses tracking and floats away. The same occurs when I put it behind my back. I then take the right controller and place it in my left hand, put it down to the left side of my hip and behind my back, and it tracks perfectly well.

If the station placements (which I have mounted to the walls and oriented to the laser guide in steam) were the culprit, both controllers should track equally poorly in the same location, but that is not the case, as one is always 100% fine everywhere, and one has the issue. The one with the issue can track fine everywhere too except for when it’s behind my back or near my hip, even if it was just tracking fine in that exact space in the air before I put my body there.

I noticed while testing the controllers that when I place my Pimax near to where the controller is losing tracking (ie. one hand holding the pimax and the other hand holding the controller, both in the same location to the left of my hip or behind my back), it tracks perfectly well. Then, when I place the Pimax back on my head, the issue returns. I have also had my friend hold the controller in one spot, and moved the Pimax around it at varying distances and heights, and noticed that the controller would lose tracking when the Pimax was in certain positions relative to it. This has led me to believe that it may be an issue with the sensors on the Pimax failing to communicate with the controller. Further testing showed that when I hold the Pimax to the left side of my hip, and the controller to the top right of my body, the tracking issue occurs. It seems to mostly occur when I obscure (interrupt the line of sight between) the controller from the Pimax.


Ouch! What a pain. I’m glad I’m only playing seated VR games.


Hmm… @SweViver should take a look.

The headset only connects to the controller wirelessly. The LHes send beams/lasers that are read by the tacking sensors on the controllers & transmitts data to the headsets wireless built in dongles.

If you pair the controllers opposite? Ie pair Left controller to Right Hand & vice versa? If it’s always only 1 hand ie I think you said Left that has tracking issue.

Might be an issue with one of the wireless receivers.

I would suggest setting up a support ticket to arrange maybe a teamviewer session.

The only line if sight is between LHes & Tracking sensors.

EDiT: Missed initially that it’s not always same side. Something to try.

    1. Different Usb ports for Headset (do not use front as often not sheilded)
    1. Reduce usb devices plugged in to whats needed ie Mouse Keyboard & headset.

As you may have a usb issue. Also ensure Motherboard Bios, chipsets & drivers updated & installed from manufacturer website; do not trust Microsoft to have installed correct drivers as it often uses generic drivers.


Im not having this issue. That is very odd


See my Video for clarification.

I didnt get the cable synchronisation working, but this issue also occurs with single base station in a mode. should I keep trying to get the sync mode? I think the problem will persist. in all modes.

during the valve support ticket I went through more troubleshooting, like unplugging all not needed usb devices, sending steamvr report, Windows diagnostic report, trying pitool 129, 144 and 180, Uninstall USB devices in steamvr, complete win reinstall. Tried also original USB driver, all USB ports and newest Bios.

@stoke Ok I will pause my Valve RMA till we know more about it. Sounds really the same. What are your specs?

Support ticket openend on August 15.

My Specs:
Pimax 5k XR/BE
2 x HTC Base Station 1.0
Valve Index Controller
11GB Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1080 Ti AORUS Akttief
i7 6850K
64 GB G.E.I.L. @2400


Hm noticed steam vr your index and basestations has the index colors. Mines are still green for some odd reason.

Maybe it your headset and you need a replacement? Did you try changing your basestations location. I remember i had tracking problem untill i moved them.

Going to soon upgrade but my specs are
I7 6700k
980 ti
2 1.0 basestation
2 index controllers
5k +
16gb corsair vengeance


I believe the colours came in a recent beta… :wink:

EDIT: This one ->

  • Device icons updated to reflect Steam, SteamVR, and Valve Index styles.


you can bet if the index had that problem they would have fixed it already


Indeed, It would have had the problem if Valve had gone big instead of staying home. Lol


Hope you got this fixed by now, but if not check out this thread.