Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Hey folks this might work as a workaround.

There is s program in this discussion to use track devices with other headsets.


Good find Heliosurge!


You need to credit @dillanski for the find. I just crossed posted it here. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


yes, see the picture some post above with SteamVR status windows with four controllers and four lighthouses :wink:

I see knuckles, but the tracking seems delayed and the position of the controllers is a lot far from my hands

I think it should work, but PiTools must release control to SteamVR first, or devices is duplicated

It would be nice if PiTools had the option to choose which driver to use, AAPVR or SteamVR, so it would be a win-win solution.

@PimaxUSA @SweViver Any official response to this problem? I know that not many people have Knuckles yet, but it’s still a broken (promised) device support.

Not to mention the bad reputation on social networks where the issue is under discussion. People are afraid that buying Pimax the best SteamVR devices like Knuckles and Trackers will not work.


But they did work until Valve broke support. Which by OpenXR Valve is now going against the goal.


There will be a lot more Knuckles owners by the end of the month.


Hope this gets fixed and also glad I haven’t pulled the trigger on ordering knuckles yet, but its on my list of things to get.


Hopefully they are making this a high enough priority to fix it soon as it looks like the Knuckles will be shipping early. Just got shipping address confirmation from steam this morning.


The biggest question as it was fine. How long before Valve breaks it again?

In March they worked fine (see Journey to Infinity Article). Then broken users found a workaround in steam & now Valve broke compatability again with recent update. Though looks like a 3rdparty program can be used.


Doesn’t really matter how often Valve breaks things. You can be pissed off about it, but it’s expected of Pimax to fix it, rather than do nothing and say “oh but it’s not us who broke it”. We were promised full compatibility with SteamVR, which obviously isn’t the case right now. What happens when a niche controller comes along, that works in SteamVR, would Pimax need to add it to the PiTool’s side of things again?


This, I never would have backed the ks if it wasn’t for the “promised” SteamVR/lighthouse support, as I have trackers and also have index controllers on the way(both of which currently don’t work).


Who says they’re not working on it? Truth with OpenXR coming Valve will have to stop breaking support & going against HiD standards.

Valve needs to stop breaking developers’ work. Short time aftet OpenVR input emulator was released Valve took steps to break it. Pimax had knuckles supported. Valve made aims to break support.

You don’t see Microsoft breaking support for non Xbox controllers. Gabe needs to learn the same; especially if his Aim is still to get 3rdparties to buy into Steam Tracking.

At a guess Valve doesn’t like the idea of LH tracking & controllers being used in Oculus titles outside of steam.


For Input Emulator I don’t think it was intentional, simply Valve had to switch to the new Input system, which of course would have broken a program that relied on the old input system

For the Knuckles driver, however, things are different. Valve doesn’t live on another planet, they knew that removing that driver would have caused issues for Pimax, and leaving in place didn’t cause problems at all. I have tons of space wasted in my HD because when on Steam a beta key is revoked the game disappears from the list but the files remain in place, Valve has never bothered about this, but has bothered to erase from the disk a few MB driver. This action was a deliberate message from Valve to Pimax: “Do things according to our standard, or we’ll be hostile to you”


Should be interesting to see if Valve supporrs OpenXR or against it. As their current actions suggest there not going to play according to the emerging standard.


SteamVR/OpenVR has evolved following the OpenXR guidelines, but Pimax AAPVR is not an emerging standard


By your own pic steam is not following the emerging standard as Tracking solutions in future by the pic will be agnostic of platform. Meaning in theory you could use Steam Tracking & controllers in Oculus enviroment & vice versa.

Steamvr(OpenVR) is being replaced by OpenXR which is becoming a crossplatform standard for SteamVR/Oculus & OSVR Layer.

AAPVR is simply a VR driver not a standard & once OpenXR is in place would interface with it.


Looks like it, got mine today as well.


But this is actually SteamVR, not OpenXR. The Pimax driver will be fine when will be an OpenXR compliant driver. And Lighthouses are one single VR device, so they will need one single driver non conflicting with other drivers


Well just need a new workaroumd for steam like Hotas & openvr i put emulator. Even if need a 3rdparty fix in the meanwhile that is available & should work. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Ive used this before when it was first released along with my WMR headset and it did NOT work at all. It succeeded and matching your controller position but the second you turned in either direction the controllers drifted away. It was completely unusable unless you stood perfectly still and didnt move your legs at all.