Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Have to ask @dillanski how well it’s working on Reverb.


1/ set up controllers with old vive headset also do full room space setup
2/ shut down steamvr and unplug vive hdmi
3/ plug in windows mixed reality and make room space
4/ start steam ( not in safe mode )
5 run this calibration tool

GitHub - pushrax/OpenVR-SpaceCalibrator: Use tracked VR devices from one company with any other.

Worked great for me , if steam or wmr updates or something else changes then just do it all again

not tried other controllers


Yeah. This might well be Valve’s fault. But from a marketing perspective and moving to a market orientation for Pimax (which is what they should aim for if they want success), it’s all about your customer’s experience. If that falters at any point, it doesn’t matter what’s caused it in the background, you all drop everything, take full responsibility and resolve it as quickly as is possible within the realms of the companies powers.

To make matters worse Pimax is a premium grade product, and that means whenever the customer interfaces with either the product, software, or in fact any part of the company (website, support, e-mail for example) the experience should consistently feel premium or it’s going to jar hard. LOL.

That’s what they need to do to play with the big boys.


So, I have only skimmed this topic, but we are saying that right now, knuckles do not work with Pimax? And this could be down to valve or Pimax to ‘fix’.

If so, I’m just here to add my voice to the “please please please someone get this fixed before knuckles ship” crowd.


Yeah, doesn’t work apparently. It might be Valve’s fault, but they won’t fix it. Pimax used the driver and hijacked control of the controllers in a way probably not intended by Valve, and at least not preferred. So the only way we will get a fix is when Pimax sort it. Either writing something custom their end, or passing controller responsibilities back to Steam. Apparently they are aware of the problem and working on a solution. Let’s hope they are fast!


So, Index controllers should be shipping any day now, and there is no fix as yet.

Is there a way to roll back Steam VR version that anyone knows of, as a temporary work around?


Changing controller bindings in SteamVR settings no longer works for me. When clicking on the edit button for a control nothing happens so I had a backup of SteamVR 1.3.23 which I copied back and tried to start SteamVR but got various errors.

I don’t think that it is possible to roll back SteamVR.

Btw could someone else look if they can change a binding in controller bindings in SteamVR settings.


Oh man hopefully this gets fixed soon. I didn’t order an Index just the controllers and lighthouses.


Possible work around posted a 3rdparty program that allows WMR & other headsets use steam Tracking.

We need to wait on a new pitool release for a fix which is likely coming soonish.


Yeah, the problem with that workaround for me personally is I have no other headset than the Pimax. I sold them all. Hopefully will work for others though.


I would be curious if you could set Index controllers to headset less in settings file & pair to a dongle.

You used to be able to do this with Vive wands.


Yeah, that could be good. I do plan on getting a pair of dongles anyway, as I want to use the old wands as trackers for Natural Locomotion.


This uncertainty is giving me white knuckles.


That should work - I accidentally paired one of my vive wands with the dongle for a vive tracker the other day. Took me a frustratingly long time to figure out why the tracker would no longer connect.


Honestly I wouldn’t mind if they dropped support for Oculus if it meant they could integrate the Pimax more into steam and make it a more seamless experience. A lot of the problems that come up is because everything has to run through their software and support both store fronts . The only reason I can’t recommend the Pimax to anyone thats new to VR is due to all the troubleshooting you need to do with it constantly.


Yeah, I agree with you. It’s annoying that Pitool steals control of the Vive wands and then proceeds to fall over every five minutes.

This might force Pimax’s hand anyway. Don’t think Valve are too happy about the way they have done it, and Pimax must have signed some kind of agreement to be on the platform. Looks like Valve are forcing them to obey the terms by folding the driver into Steam and therefore shutting down other possibilities.


Completely agree, we could use revive for oculus support and work with revive to make it work for pimax instead would be a better route as I believe the motion compensation for motion simulators problem is also related to pitool intercepting the controllers.


I pre-ordered the index controllers and base stations 2.0. Have concerns now cause of compatibility issues. Anyone from the crew can confirm that Pimax will fully support the index controllers soon?


They stated they will and they did work, but steam vr/valve changed something and now support is broken. I too have knuckles coming but no word on when they will fix this.


Some folks rolled back Steamvr to run Dirt Rally.

I believe you can if you can find it. Install an earlier steamvr & turn off autoupdates.