Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Valve have released several hotfixes today solely for fixing rift s controllers. I’m annoyed Valve and Pimax don’t seem to be involved AT ALL for these types of hotfixes for us.


I would do a search & see if you can download the Steamvr version before Valve broke it. Install & disable auto updates on ateamvr


nope, isn’t required

“There is no certification from Valve necessary. Ship the product you want to build, whenever you think it’s ready.”


Oh sh*t… so my knuckles aren’t going to work with my Pimax 5K+?


What version is that? Do you know?


I myself Don’t know off hand. But did findva possible work around. Use a Usb-C to regular Usb×2 & connect knuckles to Hmd (wired) or a dongle.

Wired should work. Until Pimax releases a new fixed pitool to fix Valve breaking compatability.

@SweViver @mixedrealityTV @VoodooDE @park & @yanfeng may have some input as well.


More wires? :wink: I’ll wait and see, maybe give it a month. And then sell either the Pimax or the controllers. I appreciate it’s not Pimax’s fault but tbh the Index looks kewl


True but in this case it would be like Antvr with controllers wired ti headset or using a dongle plugged into PC instead of pairing to headset.


Sorry to keep asking questions but - as in a Bluetooth dongle and connect them to that? Is there a guide somewhere?


You need I thinkba special Dongle. Like one tgat comes with Vive puck or you can flaah a ateamcontroller one.

Here is one on Trackers

Here is a reddit discusion on using controllers without headset.

In theory using a dongle to pair with vs headset should return controllers function to steam by not pairing to headset wireless.


I use the configuration of the dongles to use my odyssey plus with Valve knuckles and my LH. Today still does not work directly with pimax 8K?


Valve changed Knuckles Drivers driver. @KittensScythe said though manually downloading Knuckles driver may wirk.


Well this is a make or break point for @PimaxUSA , Index controllers are going to be the standard VR controller for steamvr devices from now on, wand support won’t cut it anymore, they need to fully support them or they can keep from releasing new headsets, this is a critical issue.


totally agree, the knuckles have to be 100% functional natively, I wait for them by the beginning of July and I will tell you my experience


Look forward as i know you have a good channel


I want to make a lot of pimax 8k content with the Valve knucles controllers and be able to do everything I can with configuration issues and possible modifications and improvements in the future, things like eye tracking impress me and I think there are many possibilities


This is where hopefully once OpenXR gets implemented hopefully it will bring balance to vr hardware.

That’s where it is a Shame that now parties want to support having a base layer. Osvr already had this plan & was simple to add headsets to it & tracking methods. But lost traction due to Valve creating their own partly open similarly named OpenVR.

For a long time everyone went their own way making their own eco systems. It seems that in the meanwhile yet we will have hiccups until OpenXR is fully in place.


I do not see problems with OPENXR by Valve, by Oculus and I see it more complicated with absolutely closed systems. It will be a matter of time some knuckles 100% functional and even the future blades of PIMAX if we ever get to see them …


Valve’s is OpenVR. Khronos(sp?) Is creating the OpenXR which WMR, Oculus & Valve have joined.

On one side it will act as a layer for Devs to program for VR without needing to code for specific platforms & learn Tracking systems.

OpenXR is going to replace OpenVR. And be more a long the lines of what OSVR had proposed.


If by 1st July they don’t work, I’ll be selling my Pimax. Everyone is right - the Index controllers are too key to not work. And Pimax are being a PITA releasing their own stuff. I have my fingers crossed. I love my Pimax 5K+ despite LED screens