Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



I also love my pimax and am wondering why they haven’t said anything yet about this big issue.


I think it would be a big problem that they do not work directly, I have odyssey plus and I will work with them while, but if pimax 8k does not work with the knuckles it will be a very important step back. I hope that the Pimax team is working seriously to solve this problem.



I saw that on Reddit also hidden on a stupid video thread haha


We’re hoping we can get the fix in the next PiTool update.


Oh wow. i wonder why it took so much to write so few yet much needed words.


I wonder why this wasn’t posted two days ago when he posted to reddit? :confused:
Oh yeah that’s right, basically because the opinion of regular forum users and keeping them informed doesnt mean s*** compared to the opinion of users on reddit. That sounds about the only reason which makes sense to me, but don’t count on hearing it from PimaxUSA.

I wouldn’t even be saying this, but another topic on this issue on these forums had its topic title edited by PimaxUSA two days ago (when the response on reddit was also given) without any response being given on the forums by PimaxUSA at the time. He blatantly ignored the community forums and swept the issue under the rug when the same response to reddit could have been supplied on the official forums when the topic title in the other thread was edited by PimaxUSA. But PimaxUSA instead chose not to do his job properly.
I know part of the job is damage control, and he likely removed the part of the title after giving a response to the issue on reddit, but to neglect supplying this information to the official forums until today is pretty shocking.


My knuckles shipped today l. I should be excited, but now I have to choose between Pimax and OG Vive in order to enjoy them. I seriously doubt the update will happen in a week, if the past is any indication.


You could try the workaround in another topic for Vive Trackers. Pairing to a dongle.


Cas and Cherry had the knuckles working with the Pimax on their last video, the said they are on beta branch…


Lots of replies - inc Helio - on this video :slight_smile:


Just got my ship notification from Valve. My lighthouses and controllers will be here this week. I didn’t buy an index because at the time of pre-order everyone thought they would just work. I’m glad to see PiMax doing the right thing and getting built in support for the knuckles.


And that beta is going to be official? When will it be released? I tried to make it work with the valve dongles and synchronization was not possible. I await news of my knuckles throughout the week.


@PimaxUSA hasn’t given an eta on pitool release. Maybe @Dallas.Hao or @SweViver might know.


Bump for this. People will be getting there controllers about now.


New version candidates are in testing. We always have a set of checks to mitigate or eliminate issues. The changes on how knuckles are accessed theoretically shouldn’t break anything but the new version has other changes as well.


Cool, thank you for the update. It looks like the earliest delivery date that has been reported is the 27th for the Index controllers. -Hopefully something will be released by then.


Cool would haphazzard a guess likely released maybe first or 2nd week of July? :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Would some of these changes be new BW features? :beers::wink::+1::sparkles:


have your team knuckles / index controller for testing ? or need pimax testers (upload the beta pitool)?


Yes we do and we have some external testers as well.