Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



As a small aside, you might want to clean up this forum a bit. There’s a bunch of old Beta PiTool versions pinned to the top of the page, but the actual current stable version isn’t pinned and is slowly working its way down the screen.


It will get cleaned up when we move soon to a new forum system.


Just 132 not in top Pitool Downloads. But yeah this forum software was okay when we had a smaller membership.

Guessing team member forgot to add 132 to pitool downloads.


I really hope the new pitool update will allow index controllers but also allows me to pair my tracking pucks, the steamvr broke ability to pair more then 2 devices.


What exactly does Pimax not like about this forum software (Discourse)? Considering the alternatives, it’s one of the best systems, as evidenced by its rapid adoption. This move almost seems like an attempt to “wipe the slate clean” of negative posts and have something new where posts will be moderated to a larger degree from the start.


You (Pimax) should really release a pitool hotfix for index controller support. If i have to wait more than a couple of days to use my new index controller with the pimax, i´ll switch to another headset. Enough compromises for me then.


Us need beta acces please we need tets it.


This! Pimax is clearly distancing from the forum, which has been very useful during the kickstarter, but now turned into continuous criticism for the multiple shortcomings

Discourse is really good, non need to change IMHO


We’ve totally adopted the open source ODOO system for everything from CRM to customer service, ticketing, document management, project management, ERP etc… It’s a sweeping company wide change that encompasses all our daily activities.

We were really unhappy with the Confluence and Jira system with all the well documented issues we had and wanted to standardize on something more specifically suited to our daily usage.


Here is Cas & Chary’s answer on recent Knuckles with pimax 5k+


Awesomeness. Well found Helio! Would be funny if it was so simple after all that!

My knuckles have been dispatched so guess I will find out in a couple of days. Will report back as soon as I can.


Might need to try the steamvr beta. Credit though belongs to Pimax Discord channel as this was where Cas & Chary youtube link was posted. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


dont work for me:


Looks green to me? Maybe compare with Cas & Chary as they said they just plugged & played using Beta SteamVR & Pitool 132.

Is it maybe some games are not playing nice? They were playing a Town VR title.



Try reinstalling Steamvr. It looks like steam doesn’t know where it’s drivers are after the merge of knuckledriver.

As said maybe try asking Cas & Chary as they had 0 problems in their live stream.


@PimaxUSA If Pimax moves over to a new forum system without porting the forum database over, many vital resources and links in the forum and in the “5K+ and 8K directory” which provide modification and fix it guides will be lost.

These guides have incredibly assisted me in troubleshooting problems and getting the best fitting for my HMD, it would be a great loss to the information, mods and guides made by backers and forum users which make the 5K and 8K so much easier to use.

Is there any plan to address this or to port the old posts over, at least the mods and guides in the 5K and 8K directory,?


New one will have a guide section and hopefully we can transplant the valuable info but at the moment it’s still in the testing phase.


How about the user database


My index controllers still don’t work either. I’m on 1.5.15 beta and