Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



You said the Knuckles support should be fixed in the next Pitool update. Do you have an estimate of when this update will be released?


It’s hard to predict how well testing is going. Sometimes they test for days and all is “OK” then poof a show stopper is discovered. The fix is in testing is all I can say.


it also happens to me, uninstall steamvr beta and reinstall, also in version 132, the controls do not appear in the space steam vr and in the games the wands appear but the buttons and the joystick do not work


can we have access to that beta? it would be good to test it more users, the knuckles are delivered safely this Friday and it will be a problem for everyone not to be able to use it, restricting the use of the beta is not a good idea


Great to know you are working on it, and thanks very much for the updates.

Yeah, would be cool if we could access the alpha. Even with many provisos. I’d be happy to accept the potential for serious bugs as the price of entry.


Just release a Pitool hotfix only for the index controller compatibility. I swear, if I can only watch for the second time, how others can use their devices, although I’m backer or preorderer, because Pimax does not keep his promises, then I’ll throw my Pimax on Ebay.


If Pimax had already released its own controllers and lighthouses, that would be half as bad. However, since Pimax has been relying on other components for more than half a year, I find the situation twice as bad!
On top of that, I would not like to list how many promises have not been kept until today … :roll_eyes:


It seems very strange to me that it works without more changes than the update of normal pitools and steam VR, I do not trust anyone


its a shambles thats what it is


Going by another users log file it seems that his SteamVR Knuckles fail due to looking for a seperate knuckles driver. The driver is no longer a seperate file. UnInstalling & reinstalling may fix it. It is possible the config file didn’t properly change how to load the knuckles driver.

But yes it’s odd that Cas & Chary had no issues. Perhaps their SteamVR setup hadn’t had earlier knuckles installed. Maybe if asked the settings file could be examined to see about differences.


the knuckles I already have them running with odyssey plus and VIVE, I already uninstall STEAMVR in beta and in stable and there is nothing to do


People are starting to get their index controllers tomorrow on massive scale. @PimaxUSA please relase a beta only with that fix and you’ll be just fine.


I believe that doing things well would be to provide that option for everyone, here in Spain we received the drivers on Friday 26th, we need to have the possibility of using it, please think of us and fulfill our expectations.@PimaxUSA

@SweViver, support us that is something very important for all please


It’s why I suggest to see if you csn compare notes with Cas & Chary. They performed a livestream with Knuckles working with 5k+. So something off; looks like part of the problem maybe on both sides.


I’m talking to them and they say it works perfectly, they say they do not do anythin, open pitools and then steamVR, they’re surprised that people comment that it does not work


Maybe see if you can get a copy of their steamvr settings file.

I can’t do any testing as I have no controllers & LHes.

Seems the Steamvr update has messed up a few ppl. There are Vive users also reporting issues with trackers


I guess that files location in SteamVRKnucklesDriver folder is hardcoded in PiTool, and for some odd reason the Cas & Chary copy has not been deleted by Valve update

As usual, we need to guess and investigate while Pimax provides absolute silence.


i plugin my old HTC Vive hmd… pairing knuckles > work and found > firmware upgrade of controller working… after that i plugin pimax… pairing with knuckles dont work… uninstall pitool was solution for me… after that in pitool is paired with knuckles… but DONT WORK… same errors…



Cas & Chary said they installed both I believe at the same time. (No previous beta knuckles driver)

The log file posted here shows Steamvr is still looking for independent knuckles driver. Possibly indicating a bad steamvr update as this is steam’s setting file.


I’m really really happy to receive my Index full package tomorrow.
Finally plug and play without trial and error anymore… :smirk: