Index Controller Use With Pimax Discussion



Yep need to compare settings files with Cas & Chary’s to see what’s different. Why there’s works while others don’t.


The Pimax team is aware of this and working on a solution. Personally I havent recieved the Knuckles yet so I cant confirm as of now, but indeed its strange that C&C have it working without issues as far as I can see…


Might be an idea to see if we can obtain steamvr settings file(s) & pitool settings file to compare & see what is different. Might be a simple edit.


Tomorrow a lot of people like me will receive their knuckles… Lets see…


Did you order them seperately?
My Index with Knuckles is getting shipped any time now btw!


Yep only the knuckles. Gls tracking says tomorrow it will be there. :wink:


Awesome :slight_smile: Im glad to hear!
My Index is currently in Netherlands as far as I can see.


I regret it a little bit not having ordered the index as well…


I think it is pretty likely Cas and Chary have a bootleg copy of the knuckles controller driver, given that it isn’t available to the public (the version that wasn’t integrated directly into SteamVR).


I just got my shipping info from Steam

What’s the Discord for Pimax btw?


Yeah, I think that’s the most likely scenario.


I’m sure they would have mentioned. But possible. Though a user as I recalled might have said they had the old driver & Steamvr overwrites it.


Good theory, because the external drivers were only available to those who received the test versions, if somehow they have a manual installation Steam might not know that they exist and therefore not update (delete) them


Okay folks need someone with knuckles to pop over to discord. We might have the fix

yes said possible fix. Found a hidden setting


Is not an hidden setting, but missing files… But I finally found a working solution, better opening a new thread (link incoming)


At a guess OpenVRpaths?


Sounds good but did want a test before raising hopes too far. Renamed driver & path.


working fix: Index Controller (Knuckles) - Easy Working Solution!


Excellent work guys. Thanks so much for your efforts! And just in the nick of time!


@mmorselli fix is bit different but the other needs testing