Infected Pimax site: is the Peetool a victim?


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If the Pimax site is infected (doesn’t sound like it’s been cleaned up yet) how will we download the Peetool? Or is that a separate site? (I hope)


My pee tool seems to be working fine.


… but what about the next PeeTool update?

Your computer might get an STI (software transmitted infection) when Pimax tries to stuff their PeeTool in it, especially if you let them inject their code all over the insides of your computer.


:joy:Lol :slight_smile: But for real, the Pimax site is still infected? How in the world is it understandable for any self respecting company to leave such a vital part of business unattended? Please wake up. I’m very sorry that i have to express this, but there are moments, that i highly doubt the boat i jumped on.
Atm i can’t take things serious this way… Or maybe i shouldn’t take things serious anyway :smiley: Without a doubt, the first and last Kickstarter for ever, it’s no good for my health rofl. :relaxed: :scream:


they pulled the site but apparently even the page thats left over is infected. meanwhile some fucking chode on reddit thinks im trying to sell antivirus software and that my norton image was faked or some fucking shit.

hurts my fucking head tbh.


Lol just reccommend the good free ones or Linux & Mac. :smirk:


It’s just a splash page with a few images, there is no scripts on it at all.Maybe you av hasn’t updated their listings yet?


I dont go there till i hear its safe. But Pitool is not needed for some months, as im in the 6000’s. For the first 14 people, all i can say is: backup your computer before installing :wink:
A very well working app for making images of your ssd or whatever medium, is Aomei backupper, btw.

I made a bootable usb stick with it.

And no, i dont work there :slight_smile:


Quite often they post a mega link for file downloads.

I myself often use a linux machine for downloads. Not sure how well it protects but one could install Virtualbox & run a linux distro in a sandbox.


Yes that’s an option. Still got mint on a stick :slight_smile:


Awesome link! Good free programs are always handy. Comodo AV free version is decent.



Yes that’s an option. Still got mint on a stick. So it is a way of checking with Comodo and virtualbox. Thanks for the input!


Thanks both of you :+1:


Now I have to go pee with all this Peetool talk.

The homepage appears to have a Zbot which pops up a Windows Defender “don’t turn off your computer” fake warning. I have seen this on a friends machine. It will try to get you to call a number where the operator will try to get you to let them get rid of the Zeus trojan by getting you to give them access to your computer. The person who answers will pretend to be Microsoft and if they can get you to give them access, they will infect you then charge you to fix it while all the time looking for your banking and password information.
I am surprised this trojan is still there as it is not new. End result is to just leave the site until they fix this. As long as you don’t call the number and give them access you should be fine. As far as the integrity of the Pitool software itself, Pimax should comment, but it seems unlikely that the ransomware would be in the Pitool software.
A VM or a recent c: backup would be wise. My friend was freaking and on the phone with the scammers when I arrived. It didn’t take long to realize this guy was feeding BS and all I did was hang up on him and restore the computer from a backup I had done on the computer when I built it for my friend. Needless to say he was quite glad I had done this as they had locked him out. I had him restored in 15 minutes.

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Peetool lol :slight_smile:


Maybe we should call it the Pimaxasaurus app so as to stop the confusion :yum:


You started it! :grin:


lol, you said chode… :slight_smile: