Info about Pimax 4K


sorry to ask here but the web site is down in some parts included contact, so I try to ask here maybe someone can help me to decide.

I have videos 360 made with Garmin Virb 360, I need a headset VR to let people watch my 360 videos, just that, I don’t need to play or other, just watch my own videos.
I would like to use headset VR with PC and not with phone, I have a small PC with 8 Gb, i5 7200 cpu and Intel Hd Graphics 620

Do you think I can use it with Pimax 4K?
Is possible with Pimax 4k to watch my own 360 videos?



unfortunately the 4k requires a dedicated graphics card. the rest of your pc spec is fine, but the GPU is not. in fact the integrated GPU needs to be disabled to use the 4k, so it can solely be used by the dedicated card.

Hope this helps?



even a small PC can fit a decent GPU



Tried just now out of curiosity with my barely used 4k and my surface pro4 laptop (integrated intel iris pro gfx) via a dp2hdmi adapter and it worked!!!

I could start up steam vr, used piplay .76 did room setup and started steam vr tutorial.
Was running with maybe 15fps, though.

So it could be running also with your laptop. I will try to run it tomorrow with a old laptop of mine with an i3 with intel 520 or so. No promise as i am busy whole sunday…

Edit: tried with an old 1st gen. Core i3-Laptop but Pitools could not detect the headset. I think it is a driver problem - no win10 driver for that old integrated gfx. Only win7 drivers.

So if sombody has a modern intel integrated gfx where you find intel win10 drivers (probably gen4 and above) should be fine with using pimax 4k headset.