Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov


Still no tracking after arriving the 20th in UK, completely ridiculous.


@Dallas.Hao There seems to be so much confusion over this and it even comes across as though Pimax are also confused, so I will ask a simple question:

  1. When Lot 2 of the headsets was delivered within the UK (and the same for the US batch 2), was it delivered to your shipping partner’s warehouse?
  2. Are you then dependent upon the shipping partner to move the individual headsets around their own national network before starting the second stage deliveries?
  3. If this is the case, does Pimax have any control over how long this process takes?

We would simply like some clarity over what is currently happening.


The day passes and we continue without the long-awaited second follow-up number.
You commented that they would send it.


Let’s face it, that ‘shipment’ wasn’t really our headsets. Who knows if the headsets have been made yet, let alone shipped.


Batch #2 headsets were probably in the boxes that they took pictures of last week and they are now waiting for to arrive in the UK/US. Very strange they would take bragging pictures of batch #3, but not batch #2. I do not think those in batch #3 will see their headsets in 2018. What a mess!


Perhaps some public spirited individual has informed HMRC of a shipment of electronics entering the UK without paying the correct duties and charges and they’ve been impounded pending investigation…

Anyone want another conspiracy theory? There are plenty more to conjure up…


Truthfully you posted a possibility & not a theory. :wink:


They simply haven’t been able to manufacture them yet, and have still not learned, like a six year old child, lying about it doesn’t help.


Can you prove that allegation?


Read up on reviews of SF Express. It is very enlightening.

Most reviews say not reliable.


It’s only those with axes to grind who ever usually bother to post so reviews should always be considered with a hand full of salt


DPD still have nothing confirmed for my address.

But when it said “will start second round delivery today or tomorrow” I sort of already knew that meant 47 hours and 59 minutes from now :rofl:

17 hours hours to go guys until we have our UK tracking numbers! :grin:


True happy ppl rarely bother. But this is many sites & i even saw mainly bad reviews on employment sites.


I’d say eight hours.

That is what is missing in the united kingdom for it to change day.

But I imagine it’s not going to be like that.

Everything indicates that we will continue in the same way as from the 20th.


In the detailed production update we can see the serials of the headsets.
So whenever somebody receives his headset, a look at the serial will tell him what date it is built and what unit-number of that day.

Then we will see if there was a shipping delay or some of the units are “missing” or in other hands than backers.
Or which batch headsets we receive…


@Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support
The truth is that I’m tired of being all this time without being able to know that it’s from lot 2.

With how easy it would be for pimax to ask the company in charge and tell them the specific dates.

Better than speculating here.

They do nothing but increase the desperation among all of us who are waiting for the units from lot 2.


SF Express unfortunately is not good.


They are much more better than these folks in yorkshire…


LMFAO (20 characters):joy:


@Dallas.Hao can we get an estimate on when the 2nd batch will reach the US warehouse?