Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov


I’m afraid of the transport used and its delicacy on the way.:crazy_face:

Seeing the images of @Dallas.Hao @Pimax-Support

The boxes are already with more wrinkles and some blows without leaving their own warehouse. :face_with_hand_over_mouth::dizzy_face:

As they transport them during the journey… If above the budget and shipments seem to be the cheapest and slowest. :fearful::confounded:

Better not think about it.

Pd: The time estimated by @Dallas.Hao is up and there is no news of the shipments from the company in charge.:sweat:


Nah CN post was said to be slow. We noow have proof it faster & more reliable than SF Express.

You know in Canada generally what my experience has been with Canada Post? 1st class just costs more than regular. 9/10 if you sent 2 packages with the different post they both arrive on the same day.

I remember family member sending my Aunt First Class Letter hinting of gift. A day later sent Parcel vis reg post. Parcel arrived before the letter.

Pimax appears to be in the Dark like other SF Express customers appear often are. Glassdoor website has reviews from former employees siting not a good company for employees & customers alike.


whos going to do a review for a shipping company unless they have a problem


You’d be surprised. But yes often upset customers are more visible.

But to your point; yes if I had a good experience in my dealings with a shipping company I would reccommend them myself more via word of mouth. However some happy folks often post reviews thanking as well.

But more ppl are often happy & quiet.


Honestly I’m just waiting for my shipping notification @Heliosurge I’m just curious since I try not to follow the news here too closely. It makes time go slower. What’s the UPDATED estimated Headsets that are going to be shipped?

I’m just below backer 400.


I hear you hopefully some good news is on tge Horizon.


This is a good and healthy choice.


yours should be shipped according to the number in the report. But once you hear anything about your heatset is shipped, please do make a post here as new topice so other backer near your number can know. Thanks!



If you start a topic called “information about the second batch”, you should probably provide information about the second batch.

So far you have completely failed to explain why sf-express says that the US shipment was delivered weeks ago.

And the information you DID provide doesn’t seem to be accurate (you said the UK warehouse would send tracking numbers by today… have they?).


I will, Im constantly checking my emails but nothing so far.


He said the info on SF Tracking number is not accurate. Meaning they are trying to get SF-Express to give them info on where it is & such.

Read up on SF-Express reviews.


I reckon it’s accurate. Maybe they’ve been lost in the warehouse. But I am beginning to worry, now.


I must say I am abit disappointed but to be honest all this chatter and people losing their hope in pimax is a bit warranted. I just don’t get how there are going to start shipping preorders in <90 days with only a few hundred backers getting their pimax so far. I am backer < 800 and I expect to get mine in march of 2019


Not even a few hundred. No one from the 2nd batch has gotten their headset, which means less than 90 headsets have been delivered so far.


Hopefully they smarten up and start using DHL.

And I know some people here don’t like them, but they have the best reputation out all the international serveries.


I think UPS and DHL are the worst to be honest. they always want you to pay the extortion fee aka “broker fee” especially UPS


One more beautiful day dawns and…

We’re still the same as we were three days ago.

Simply incredible.

I don’t know if lot number 2 is worth asking for anymore.

Better take a deep breath and count to 3

Ommmmmm! :face_with_hand_over_mouth::man_facepalming:t3:


If I promise my clients anything up to a fixed date, then it is natural for me to get in touch at the promised day. Even if I do not have the information or the things ready on the promised day!

Commitment is extremely important, otherwise the customer does not feel valued or in good hands! :roll_eyes:


Wow :sunglasses:

The Pimax headset that you pledged has shipped from the warehouse to your address.

I´m # 237 from batch 2 (Germany)!


finally got the second tracking number!

International Gateway, Your parcel has left the United Kingdom and is on its way to Netherlands