Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov


Thanks for your reply about the second round tracking number received.


And mine has left the UK on the way to Spain…and I am flying on a plane today from UK to Spain and hope I beat it there.


Got my tracking number. Apparently it’s been on the way to my house for 3 days now and will arrive in 1 hour. Thank god I’m home then. I have to leave literally 5mins after it’s due to arrive and then I’m away for 48 hours :frowning: I get to meet my new Pimax and then I have to leave it here for another 2 days without touching it.

Would have been nice to have the tracking earlier on the 3rd when it sent but atleast things are happening now :slight_smile:


My 8K has arrived - carrier is DPD for the UK - I’ll update the tracking spreadsheet accordingly.

I guess the FUD for batch 3 can start now?


Really happy for you and nice to know its DPD :slight_smile:


I usually use dpd when sending valuable items and they’ve always been good


Also in Gernany… and you can track the DPD-transport very well!


Impressions please retrospect


NO ONE CARES about your batch. All im interested is my batch and my headset arriving as soon as possible XD. Yours can follow after mine.


I’ll have time to maybe wear it when it arrives but other impressions will have to be tomorrow night! I’ll do my best to give thorough feedback though.


Anyone know where you get the latest PiTools?


Silly me - I forgot the rules: “pics or it never happened”:


I dont give a damn about your headset lol. All im interested is my batch and my headset arriving the fastest possible. Yours could’ve arrived after mine, as i said, i don’t care at all about the backers before my number.


Have a look on the Pimax webside:

There you can find PITOOL & Download :wink:


Finally the number!!!
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry


The box looks a bit dirty? I hope that’s not a returned Pimax!


Yeah - a little, but that’s more the camera flash than anything serious.

Now if its the same on the lenses…dun dun dunnnnnn :wink:


Well the DPD driver drove straight past my flat and now it’s saying “Sorry, we couldn’t deliver your parcel as the premises were closed; we will update you here shortly” . Brilliant.

To add to that they can’t contact the driver and ask what happened because O2 has gone down in my area today and they use O2 :rofl: I feel like I’m not meant to own a Pimax.


Gutted mate, usually DPD are OK. That nobody is in shit winds me up (any courier)…


Did you have to sign for your package?