Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov


I did have to sign for it - yes


Following this forums logic I call it a fake now!
Proof it with a drop of your blood or it is all made up anyways!
Sheesh people believe everything nowadays.


You can start a new topic about receiving the headset .So glad you receive the headset


Which tracking do you have and who is the courier? I’m also in the Netherlands and mine just says exported from UK, destination unknown.


Select DPD UK, you can also use and use the same code, if you then put your postcode it will say what day he will deliver, mine says: Your parcel is due for delivery Friday.


Mine is not DPD for some reason, I think that it is Parcelforce.


Officially i got this site: but it worked on both sites for me.
Oh Parcelforce? i dont know them, Netherlands as well, right? maybe on Parcelforce website itself you can see more info?


What does it say on 17track? Parcelforce is English so it will probably be PostNL.


On 17Track i get this so far:

Origin : United Kingdom -

2018-12-05 22:42 International Gateway, Your parcel has left the United Kingdom and is on its way to Netherlands

2018-12-05 14:06 International Gateway, We have your parcel and it's on its way to our depot

2018-12-03 12:24 Stoke, We have your parcel and it's on its way to you

2018-12-03 12:24 Sender, We've received your order details, but have not yet received your parcel


I’ve never heard of dpd is it uk only or usa as well.


Oh man, this is the problem. Information is all over the place. No solid reliable info.


17Track shows these DPD’s:


DPD is international, for example we have it in Russia and it sucks donkey balls.


Mine is completely different on 17Track. Oh well, I’ll wait to see what happens.

Thanks for the info.


Mine has now arrived also. I was emailed the DPD tracking info from Pimax a whole 3 hours before it was due to arrive. DPD have always been excellent in my area and this time no different with my headset being delivered 20 minutes into the hour slot stated on the tracking screen.

I really hope Pimax learn from this and sort out a better “2nd leg” procedure for final delivery of the next batches as I’d hate to see all customers go through this rigmarole.


we will learn from this. thanks for your advice.The tracking number of 3rd batch and 4th batch will be extremely correct.


Happy that are people receiving their HMD´s.

C´mon Pimax !! Where are the tracking codes !?!?


@Dallas.Hao Why are you using two different delivery methods for the Netherlands?

@Front is being delivered by DPD and mine is being delivered by I don’t know who. All is says on the tracking is exported from UK, destination unknown.


Man, in your situation I would enjoy the package was delivered and I would play all day&night instead of asking on the forum


@Mr_Teatime finally proper HMD to your rig ! double jealous :star_struck: