Information about second batch which sent 14th Nov


What, it hasn’t yet been delivered and I don’t know who is delivering it or when it will be delivered.


Do you have an album of your rig? That throttle solution looks interesting. Is it all 80/20?


You can get some pics and link to my YT channel in this thread: Show Us Your Flight Gear and Cockpits


What country are you in? Oh your uk. And backer 140ish. Nice


Yep, UK, backer 148.


I would also add that the parcels were sent out on the second stage from an importer/export company (I’m assuming they are the logistics partner) in Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire. I assume the delay between arrival in Yorkshire and eventual 2nd stage delivery (which was ordered on the 3rd Dec) would be down to it being moved through the logistics partner’s internal network between Yorkshire and Stoke.



This is a problem. Can you please find some way to notify people sooner? Some of us need to make special arrangements to sign for the delivery.

And now would be a good time to update us on the status of the US shipment.


Yeah, would be nice to hear something about the US shipment. I guess it could show up anytime between now and the end of the year. Really annoying that at #63 I still haven’t gotten the headset. I would probably be really annoyed if I didn’t have Red Dead Redemption 2 to keep me busy over the past couple of weeks. Love that game! It would be awesome in VR!


Agreed. Have you messaged support desk?

But yeah have heard great things about Red Dead Re2. The biggest one being hasn’t needed any big patches. Some minor bugs that don’t seem to be that bothersome. & Multiplayer just implemented.

Good to hear of all companies to lead that Rockstar has released a quality game at launch.

Unlike Bethesda & most other so called Triple A publishers like DiCE, EA and so on.


The headsets arrived at US warehouse and they are arranging the second round delivery.We will email individual tracking number to backers .@pimaxun


@Dallas.Hao will we be getting a production and shipping update today ?


Great news thanks!

Can you please be sure to email the tracking numbers the same day they ship? So we have some time to prepare for the delivery.


Backer #237 here!
My Pimax is already in delivery today! DPD was a very good choice to handle the transport in europe :wink:


We will send to backers immediately after they send tracking information to us.The update of tracking information depend mostly on the warehouse ~~~We can communicate to them but they have their working procedure too.


2nd batch, germany


Wow congrats Industria. It’s been a long wait

Those lenses don’t look so wide?? Are they the same?


its raining headsets :joy:


They are wide, its just looks so because of camera flash.


Ahh I see… Looks brand spanking new! No dust :slight_smile:



#83 here. I haven’t heard a thing.