"information unfilled" How to provide them with information?!



In the newest Spreadsheet my backer number 3845 still is listed as

“information unfilled”

I have taken the survey 3 times now, from the emails I’ve got
1x 05.12.2018
1x 04.01.2019
1x 09.01.2019

Why did it not work? Why don’t they send me the Pimax?
I’m on Opera browser, can this be the cause???

It always seemed to save the survey and now it says
" You have already taken this survey."

I have opened a ticked on “Support” but there is no answer since 09.01. Can this simple question really take so long?

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu @Sean.Huang


Are you sure you are using your Kickstarter account e-mail?


Hi, yes I use the same email for everything.

I have just added Pimax 5k+ + 10m cable to kickstarter optional adress information.
But this can’t be it, right?
Perhaps I just have to wait until they take the information by hand from the survey. Perhaps everything is completely out of chronological order and takes more time.
But I’m sad people with 7XXX get their Pimax and on me it says I didn’t send information which is wrong.


You can write directly to support@pimaxvr.com, as I did some time ago. I received a free form survey, filled it out, and then received a confirmation email.
There were no monkeys around.


At this moment you can dallas is even taking dm’s to just tell him your backer number and he will check if everything is all right for you.


Please filling the survey if your order not confirmed, we will ship your headset quite soon(We really need backers information to ship the headset to you)

survey link:https://bit.ly/2Qjg6D2


I’m having this issue too, I had to change my e-mail address on Kickstarter because my old one expired. I’ve submitted the form twice. Would really like to get my headset someday…