Informed Backer Decision requires 5K BE with OLED Panels to be reviewed by Testers


Many backers did get their survery email today.
I appreciate that Pimax offers all backers the choice of the 5K BE with OLED displays.

However the limited feedback about the 5K BE from the past backer meetups
is in my opinion not sufficient to make an informed decision regarding this 5K BE option
which is also the most expensive one.

So I would like to strongly suggest that Pimax sends 5K BE test units to tester group for reviews
as soon as possible to help the backers with their decision.


Ignore it would be my sugestion, feel like it is 6month away.


That’s a good idea. It seems likely that Pimax would already intend to do that. However, I think it will be a while before that happens. My take is that the only people who should consider the 5K BE would be the ones who already have an OLED VR headset and consider contrast and vivid colors to be most important.


Don’t mix them!
Seems to be 2 versions (cf Pimax store)
-5K BE
-5K+ BE


Dont forget - 8k BE :slight_smile:


I didn’t know that. My comments refer to whichever has the OLED panels.