Installment delivery?



So, I’ve made a payment with installment terms, and didn’t have updates for a while.
I sent an email to support, but didn’t hear from them for a while also.
I wanted to ask to actually DELAY the shipping to around 20-th to make it easier for me to pay import taxes with my salary then. Is it something Pimax team can do? If so, please update me on that, as I didn’t get any email back still.


Hi Joe,

Welcome to the pimax forums. Not sure detsils on how installment program works. Have raised your user level by 1.

@Dallas.Hao &/or @SweViver might be able to look into this for you. (I am a community volunteer)


I got an email today saying that the headset is shipped. Ah well, I guess I’ll have to earn some extra money for taxes.