Instructions for developers to avoid needing parallel projections



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Please produce and publish a set of concise instructions for developers outlining the required openVR function calls and the implementation required to correctly render to non co-planar displays so they can avoid the requirement for parallel projection compatibility mode.

I’m finding issues using this compatibility mode especially when motion smoothing is active.

  • Blue lines on the edges of the displays when moving my head quickly.
  • Increased distortion.
  • rendered objects disappearing on the periphery.

I’d really love not to have to use this mode for my software of choice (x-plane 11). Im sure other feel the same using other titles. I know the responsibility lies with the developers to make changes but providing a clear set of instructions might give them the encouragement to fix their code.

[Replied]Pimax: we need fallout 4 vr working without parallel projections

…and a considerable loss of performance.


I have read about the performance cost but haven’t seen any definitive measurement of it. Does anyone have an example from a game or app that has been updated with measured performance difference? How much performance is being lost?


It causes a fps drop of 5 to 20%, but it isn’t constant and it doesn’t always happen.
You can check it with different games in the same area, with the option set or not.


Lone Echo doesn’t require PP, but echo arena does. I can contact the devs, but how do I tell them to fix it?

This should be on a web page on Pimax’s website.
This is really basic stuff! Again communication failure.

The current “developer” page doesn’t help at all

It only talks about an “SDK” which I’m sure is not needed.