Inverted stereo on some objects with pimax [vrchat]


I have the 5k+ and 8k. When testing Unity worlds in VRchat (free vrgame) I notice that a lot of random object here and there in various worlds will have incorrect stereo and the left and right eye on those items is mismatched.

For example looking at a pumpkin in a world right now. It looks fine on the rift and vive. But the 3D looks inverted on the pumpkin on the 5k+ and 8k. or a world called peccant canyon some of the trees look wrong and 3d is backwards. I tried parallel projection on and off to test and rebooting and nothing helps.

It seems something with the software rendering is causing this in VRchat, wanted to let you know.


Again please try the world “peccant canyon” in VRchat as a perfect example of the bug with the Pimax HMD’s.


Thanks so much for the information mate. Keep doing the good work.