iRacing Detailed Setup Guide for Pimax 5k+



Very nice guide, playing with i7600k and 1080ti non OC with stable 90 fps, looks very good!

Althrough i had coiple issues:

  • cant find how to enable virtual back mirror. Had this on before, but with the new cfg cant turn it on.
  • dont like the idea to change global 3d settings for all applications just to play a single game, had to add nvidia profile iRacingSim64DX11 (dx11+x64) and edit it.
  1. iRacing Settings (rendererDX11.ini)
    Open VR ResolutionScalePct=70
    SPS off

Couldnt understand last (4th) part. End of this step says to replace all cfg entries, these already contains each line from above.


I’ve got mine dialed in nice now which is a relief as initially I though I was going to have to sell it as I couldn’t get it comfortable without eye strain

Running a 8600K @ 5.0Ghz. 1080 with mild overclock

I run:

resolutionScalePct at 100
SteamVR SS at 100
pitoools render at 1.5

Normal FOV
PP off
smart smoothing off
contrast 2, brightness -3

Nvidia Transparency antialiasing: multisample
VR prerender frames: 3

SPS: off
iracing AA: 16x 8x
Sharpening: on - 9, 120
shadows on everything

Most other in game settings based on recommendations in this thread:

I had to dial in the vert offset a bit for my eyes.

I seem to be able to run imola, Nurb GP and tskuba at pretty much 90fps locked. Upping pitool to 1.5 render really made a difference to me. Before that everything in the distance seemed to ‘swim’ to me.

Also noted that I run slightly different vertical ofset on my left and right eye so my face is obviously not symetrical


Trying the 5k+ for the first time with iRacing but my mouse is stuck in a small part of the HMD (cannot click to start driving).
I guess I have some resolution issue but i cannot access menus.
I’m coming from tripple screens.
Using center screen only but shows the extreme left of the VR image, doesnt help.
Any ideas what setting i need to change in ini files ? :wink:


Ok I found that in app.ini the DX11 WindowedMode settings help (centering and different resolution).


Not sure if this is your problem, but if you have a window on top of the VR mirror window on your monitor, it will block the iracing mouse in that area. Need to have the iracing window on top to be able to use the mouse freely in VR.


How do the changes in the recent iRacing point release affect the suggested settings here?



HDR should be slightly more viable. If you were close to the limit of being able to run it without frame drops, and you were G-bar limited, you can probably run it now.

Nothing else should’ve affected recommended settings.

If you were using the steamvr prediction hack settings, you probably don’t need them anymore - but I think they no longer have any effect anyway.

EDIT: Also, the G-bar now no longer includes the time spent waiting for vertical sync in its timing calculation, so if you see ridiculously promising G-bar drops but not really any gain in performance, that’s why. On the plus side, you can now use it to more accurately gauge the effect of settings changes.


I’m absolutly hating the latest build, it’s completely ruined what was a flawless config i had applied pre patch. I’m getting rotational stutters no matter what settings i apply. I’ve literally tried everything possible including fresh install of both iracing and Win 10, various combinations of nvidia drivers and pitool versions but nothing get rid of the stutters. I’ve had to go back to monitors for the time being and can only hope that a patch comes out soon to fix it. The stutters seem very much like those i see when running vsync on a monitor and going below frame rate which makes sense as they’ve made some changes to VR vsync :frowning:


I think I said this on the forums as well, but there is something specifically wrong on your end here. This isn’t a widespread problem (there are some widespread VR problems after the patch but this isn’t one of them), so it’s unlikely it’s going to be fixed by something other than blind luck; we’ll need to figure out on your end what’s wrong.

If you’re holding decent framerate (ignore the G/R bars - I mean ‘sitting at 89/90’ by this), then it’s not part of the general increase in system requirements either.

I have (with very similar hardware)

  • SPS still enabled
  • smoothing disabled
  • FFR disabled
  • AA set to 4x
  • HDR enabled
  • No frame limit
  • Large FOV
  • Virtual mirror disabled (cockpit mirrors: 4)
  • All other effects around “hdr” in that cluster disabled
  • supersampling at 1 in iRacing, 100% in steamvr, 1.25 in pitool
  • Latest pitool, pimax firmware, latest nvidia driver (clean install)

There’s gotta be something in your settings that’s tripping you up, because we’re on almost identical hardware and it’s smooth as butter on my end.


Nothing changed on my machine except iRacing, no system driver updates, I’m using the same settings everywhere that i was previously. If it was a settings issue then default settings would work but they don’t don’t. The thing i have noticed since going back to monitors is that i can get the same rotational stutter if vsync is enabled and frames drop below refresh rates, this leads me to believe that the changes that were made in iracing to the vsync process are the cause. At this point i can only wait until they implement the switch to disable the changes which is supposed to be out this week and hope that that fixes it. If not I’ll stick with monitors and sell the 5k


I’m not saying you changed anything, I’m saying the update doesn’t play nice with your specific configuration.

Either way, you seem really keen to sell your 5k so maybe this is a good opportunity.


Not keen to sell it no, just keen to get back to racing rather than fault finding VR issues. Anyhow the patch fixed it and all is good with a performance boost as well.


and for 8k and iracing there are somebody to help me with parameter to set ?