iRacing Detailed Setup Guide for Pimax 5k+



Very nice guide, playing with i7600k and 1080ti non OC with stable 90 fps, looks very good!

Althrough i had coiple issues:

  • cant find how to enable virtual back mirror. Had this on before, but with the new cfg cant turn it on.
  • dont like the idea to change global 3d settings for all applications just to play a single game, had to add nvidia profile iRacingSim64DX11 (dx11+x64) and edit it.
  1. iRacing Settings (rendererDX11.ini)
    Open VR ResolutionScalePct=70
    SPS off

Couldnt understand last (4th) part. End of this step says to replace all cfg entries, these already contains each line from above.


I’ve got mine dialed in nice now which is a relief as initially I though I was going to have to sell it as I couldn’t get it comfortable without eye strain

Running a 8600K @ 5.0Ghz. 1080 with mild overclock

I run:

resolutionScalePct at 100
SteamVR SS at 100
pitoools render at 1.5

Normal FOV
PP off
smart smoothing off
contrast 2, brightness -3

Nvidia Transparency antialiasing: multisample
VR prerender frames: 3

SPS: off
iracing AA: 16x 8x
Sharpening: on - 9, 120
shadows on everything

Most other in game settings based on recommendations in this thread:

I had to dial in the vert offset a bit for my eyes.

I seem to be able to run imola, Nurb GP and tskuba at pretty much 90fps locked. Upping pitool to 1.5 render really made a difference to me. Before that everything in the distance seemed to ‘swim’ to me.

Also noted that I run slightly different vertical ofset on my left and right eye so my face is obviously not symetrical