Is a 1660Ti adequate for most applications with the 5k headset?

Looking to pick up a laptop to drive the headset and not wanting to spend > $2k for it. :stuck_out_tongue:

probably not.
Most interesting VR stuff is already heavy on the graphic card even when not played in VR mode.
since it is a laptop, you will not be able to upgrade the GPU, so better to get the right one on first purchase. if you want to know , test the applications you are looking for with this card and check if you are happy with the result.
most laptop do not have a display port output, or they get to hot when used at full capacity (throttling of CPU or GPU will occur).
that’s why unless you get a beast (usually closer to 3000$ than 2000$) , portables are not recommended.

add to this that a 17 or 19" portable computer with a good graphic card is usually close in weight to a small desktop pc. and you will not be able to run it on battery for a long time anyway. so think twice if you really want a portable pc.

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That’s awesome. Exactly the type of answer I was hoping for. I’ve been debating between a smaller desktop and a laptop. Mostly for the ability to transport the setup to my friends’ or family’s houses occasionally. Sounds like I just need to bite the bullet and get a setup that works, then worry about portability. Thanks for your thorough response!

the screen is usually the problem, not the box.
but with the spare money you can buy a 2nd screen and left in family’s house, or use a TV set. Anyway if you will do VR, there is no need for a big screen.
You can find PC case that are pretty portable.