Is Motion compensation working with Pimax ? (Yes, use Pitool 180)

@JMB3D maybe you could have a go with the latest Beta and check to see if your issues are resolved. My rig doesn’t arrive until 17th April so no way for me to check unfortunately.

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Hello, where the latest beta and I will test it…
is it this version?
Release Date:2019/2/27
File Size:124.43MB

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@michaelnyden mentioned it so maybe he could confirm that’s it?

121 is in pitool downloads in Banner topic.

This is how Steam VR should work with Motion Compensation using the Vive, either with the controller or a Tracker they do the same.
I will put up another Video of what happens when you use Pimax Headset and try and use Motion Compensation with a controller or a Tracker.


2nd post I believe

I have just made I huge discovery, don’t get too excited.
In testing I just found that when I use the Pimax with Motion Compensation it actually does work, it does the right thing with a controller or Tracker, you will see in the Video I just posted how it works with the vive, you will then see in the next video I post of the pimax it does the same. so that’s actually great.
With the vive what you see on the screen mirror is what you see in the HMD.
With the Pimax what you see on the Screen is not what you get in the HMD, in the HMD you get replicated worlds that are all over the place, so is this issue now video signal related???
The bad news is that is not what happens in the Headset view, so now we know that we may be able to work this out yet.
Enough for now, I will upload the Pimax video now…


Now considering is this an 8k vs 5k problem.
Pimax need to send me a 5k version so I can test it, what do you think?


I have an interest in getting this sorted, so yeah sure give the man a 5k+ for testing purposes. I assume there is more software intervention with 8k as the 5k+ is native signal 1440p. I’m just guessing though.

Thanks for the support
I’ve sent an official request to send back my 8k to replace with a 5k for testing.

Keep the 8k for back to back testing, it needs to be sorted for both headsets…

I don’t think it will work with the 8k now I know this, im running an 2080Ti and an I9 processor on my Racing rig, if that cant sort it then there’s no hope their.
Maybe the 5k will work, we will find out somehow.

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Why do you say that? You say it’s a video signal problem. In the 8k the video signal is processed by both the chip and software (downscaled/upscaled) I would have thought that would mean a software fix is possible. Or am I missing or misunderstanding something?

TBH I don’t know what its is, I’m guessing its a video signal thing as you see in the video it works on Screen but not the same in the headset. I wish I knew I’ve spent many hour’s trying to fix it,

I’ve toyed with the idea of getting a 5k+ to see which I prefer to be honest. Not sure I’d get it past the spending committee though! I certainly appreciate your efforts here!

In the Iracing forum, most members went with the 5k+, they seem to getting on well with theirs,
I don’t know any members using the 5k with motion though.
It won’t be long till we have an answer to this, it will either get fixed by pimax in their software, the 5k+ might work, or if your using a moition rig then get a Vive Pro.

Where are you based? Maybe we could give it a try with my 5k+.
i do use mine with motion (2 dof ) i would actually be very happy having this to work .

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I will try this myself tomorrow with the Vive and 8K headset and controller and tracker but if it looks accurate on the screen but not in the headset then it is obviously to do with the angled panels in the headset.

Thanks to Jean Mehdi interest and efforts, we may have a step forward with this, we will know more tomorrow after a testing session.
I will let Jean update the interested forum members and the rest of the sim racing community with the results…
Watch this space…>>…>…


This evening I got try out out the open Vr emulator, to set motion compensation with the Pimax 5K+
I can confirm the 5K+ currently will not work with this solution for motion rigs.
As I’ve described before, it works on screen/monitor as it should do, but in the hmd view One world stays still and when you move the tracker or controller you experience a twisted duplicated world, it’s completly unusable.