Is Pitool .91 or .103 the best version as of Feb 2019?

Is PItool .91 or .103 the best to use right now, I know there has been issues with tearing and other anomalies so that being said, which is the best Pitool version as of today?

I cant seem to find .103 with brainwarp

Pimax’s website shows Pitool “is temporarily unavailable”.

I think 91 still look better for me if don’t need to adjust brightness.

I don’ see any improvement for 5k+

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Wat ? There is no debate.

Brainwarp is awesome.

Just played 3 hours today of Elite + Setsuna’s Revenge smooth as butter (both on 64fps).


Nice thanks!. Where can I find the .103 version. I tried the only link I could find on the forum and its dead. Poomax’s website for the download isnt working either :frowning:

I believe it still works.

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Pitool download in Banner. Just added @MightyDodger link

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Thanks man! Theres a tab that says “no preview available” then Download tab just below, click Download? It looks Slim shady, is it safe?

I am not ready to sign off on brainwarp. I’m just being quiet because they’re very busy and just released their first motion smoothing algorithms.
But the pie in the sky brainwarp, the elusive illusion of 180fps, that’s the brainwarp I fell in love with.


I downloaded .91, seemed to be less buggy according to the forum. I thought I would try it before I plunged into a Brain Warp!!

Seems like you were hoping for too much- there is only so much they can do when the computer can’t provide the required framerate. Expecteing brainwarp to be some kind of holy grail is just naive, any reprojection or motion smoothing I’ve ever experienced is sickening.

For those who can deal with the artifacts, good for you. If you can deal with it and somehow don’t get sick, that’s great. Personally, any reprojection makes me sick, and without it I can play a VR title for several hours without getting sick at all. Really not sure how anyone thought brainwarp was going to be anything special.

I did try the brainwarp beta, and it was absolutely terrible. I downgraded to .91 almost immediately after and intend to stay here until the community beta tests the coming updates for me.

Should be safe as a few have downloaded & it’s a community member. Just be sure to run a scan on it. (As should with any download)

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Still needs some work for sure. Myself can play most srated vr titles standing up… So might have mutant vr legs. But motion smoothing on TV works well; so can’t see the later BW not working decent. Active shudder 3d glasses works not bad at high shudder rates. Like Passive 3d better though. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

Yeah I guess some people are just immune to the sickness haha. For me the lower refresh rate modes seemed almost blurry, was definitely not right. I guess it could be potentially ok for seated games; but for high action games like Beat Saber (which is what I mainly play) it felt pretty bad.

I actually never really gave .103 a chance with the new brainwarp features disabled, so actually it might actually be fine if you just disable them.

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If you dont get severe stuttering (like me) then 103 is great. I honerstly can’t cope with the drops in fps, especially with a 2080Ti

I am still on 91


I’ve tried .91 and .103, ended up on .91. The reason was due to stuttering, also tried .95 and get the ripple effect on that version

If you downgrade, ensure the refresh is set to 90Hz or 80Hz on the 8k
I had it on 72Hz when downgrading to .91, the result was a mess that is best described as severe SDE

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Yeah Pumcy said in his first review projection was not good in games like beat saber. Which imho is to be somewhat expected.

But I think possibly with augmenting/doubling high refresh rstes might be a different story. But as they say time will tell.

I did find in vector 36 when you really spin the skimmer in circles that the frame around the glass would warp & snap a bit…

Likely a file is storing refresh rate. Much like a user discovered when mistakenly used piplay & switched to video mode (headset wouldn’t connect) that video mode was stored in a config file that piserver called.

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