Is the Pimax 5k Plus better than the 4k?



I have been having a hard time finding out much about comparing these 2 - mostly seeing 8k vs 5k/5k+ comparisons and even a couple places saying the 4k is better because of the FOV on the 5k+?

I really like my 4k (better than my oculus) in Elite Dangerous but if the 5k+ is noteably better than the 4k then I am game to pick up a 5k + (I could not do an 8k I don’t think) and I would also want to make sure my system could run the 5k+ - I have an intel Core i7-7700k, 16GB, Asus ROC GTX 1080 (8GB).

So would like to know is the 5K+ a worthy upgrade and if so, will my system run it?




I have the P4K and P5K+. I like the P4K for video and the P5K+ for games because of the wider FOV. Ill be getting the P8K soon so hopefully it will do great for both. Your CPU should be good for the P5K+ but the 1080 might be lacking in SOME games. My 1080ti struggles with some games. If you dont mind a little SDE then the 5K+ would be a great upgrade IMO.


Thanks - I understand the wider FOV but what about clarity? is it more clear, crisp? I also have an oculus which is not as clear as my 4k and a little SDE is not the end of the wold - I mainly play Elite Dangerous, Project Cars and Assetto Corsa but really these would be for Elite and clarity is more important to me than FOV.


Clear and crisp I would have to say its close but I think its actually perceived as better than the 4K because you dont have the ghosting. I dont play ED so I cant give you a precise comparison between the two HMD’s. The games I have tried it seems just not quite as clear and crisp, close IMO but like I said the Pimax 4Ks ghosting you wont miss! and the 5K+ is much more clearer than my Vive as like the Oculus. Do some searching here, lots of users here play ED and might be able to give you better comparisons. I would take the 5K+ over the 4K and I love the 4K for games and video but after playing with the wider FOV its REALLY hard to go back to 110 degrees.


I guess I don’t really notice ghosting in my 4k but the view could always be clearer :smile:

hopefully someone who plays Elite and has tried both reads this - I looked for 4k to 5k+ comparisons and could not find any, would be nice to hear from someone who plays that game as it would be the bulk of the use but the driving games get used a lot as well…


Really? Ghosting like when you concentrate on a subject then move your head to left or right and you will see like a “ghost trail” trailing from the the object…

What version PiPlay and version firmware?. My Piplay is and my firmware is Maybe you are using the “holy grail” combination?? !!:beers: :grin:


I will check - I can honestly say I never really looked for it, hopefully I won’t notice it now and have it drive me nuts - if I do I have you to thank for it.


Ghosting with the Pimax 4K?? Nope never saw it!! :joy::rofl:


well I note some blurriness when moving my head if I stay focused on a single point, it might not be as prevalent in Elite because you are usually looking at something huge or looking to another point of interest, I don’t notice any “trails” but I think it is what you are calling ghosting and it is not something so bad it bothered me, I have always noted a “fish bowl” like effect on the edges of the FOV though.


I am a 4k owner and have clocked over 2500hours and nearly 1500 of them in pimax 4k.

The ghosting is real and one of the only hurdles I feel need to be improved on now.

I too would be keen to know what piplay and firmware you are using and I will drop that into my other vr test machine. I’m sure the p4k users would be keen to know if this is the best combo.




there is the software version - not sure how to check the firmware version - When opening piplay it says current version though, I know I had some issue’s and did a bunch of experimenting - for example the oculus software would run even when not using the oculus so I found a work around something like not letting that start without admin priv’s or similar.

I do like my 4k though, like I said I also have an oculus and putting that on everything looks blurry after using my 4k so it mainly sits unless I want to play superhot or something requiring the controllers like bridge crew - this is also why I am looking into the 5k plus or the BE… if it gets even better than my 4k like I said I would love to have even better.


I have one other question on the 5k+ - does this HAVE to have light boxes to work? One of the things I really like about the 4k is you don’t need anything extra and it works just fine for me with the gyro tracking, sure it loses center every so often but I just have a button mapped to re-center - I thought I read the 5k+ has a gyro too so I am hoping it would work stand alone like the 4k from flying and driving type games.


A light house will make the headset 6dof. Without the lighthouse it will be 3dof… So no leaning in and out or walking around. But yes it can be done without light houses just like the 4k


I have installed that piplay version with that firmware and there is still ghosting.

In case it’s a different model number of hmd what are the 1st three numbers of the serial on the headset please?


102 - do you need lighthouses for the 5K+ while playing cockpit games (racing with wheel, flying with sticks)?


ahh ok, that makes some sence now… the 102 s/n is a B1 model of Pimax. it is not a standard 100 s/n pimax 4k.

here are dome details on the B1 model with the 102 s/n : About B1 with sn102xxx the biggest difference is it has OLED displays and not LCD however the resolutions are less than that of the Pimax 4K 100 s/n models.

in regards to your question on the 5k+ as i mentioned above on my previous reply without lighthouses you cant lean in or out or lean left or right… it will only allow rotation of your head (up/down/left/right), so in cockpit games yes it will work, just no leaning!



@xunshu any chance that the 4k will see a revision with the CLPL displays?

A great idea would be to use beam splitting glass/silvered mirror, so that the entire panel could be used, upping resolution, and eliminating the SDE entirely.

A dual panel HMD with a design similar to these goggles would be insanely great for an HMD with 110 degrees.


well you learn something new everyday - so in my case the 5k+ would probably look clearer then, not just a larger FOV? Also so the normal 4k’s are clearer than my 4k but my 4k does not have the ghosting… how much clearer are we talking and how bad is the ghosting?


OLED is brighter with better colours, but the B1 models had lower resolution and more SDE as well as little ghosting. The standard 4K models had dull colours but a higher resolution but do suffer with quite severe ghosting. this is why other 4k owners on this thread were questioning why you were not seeing the ghosting.

for me … the ghosting is the last hurdle for the 4k model… for you the SDE and higher res probably would be the last hurdles. its a matter of choice, if you didn’t know about the difference, would you be worried? if not then be happy with what you got… for me i can live with it, but if there are new 4k lens with better anti-ghosting algorithms or even a complete change in lens i would like to have them.


well to be honest - I am often still blown away by the views in Elite in my 4k’s, BUT things could be clearer which is why I was inquiring about the 5k Plus models - the only things I have to compare with are Oculus’s - I started just trying VR by picking up a cheap DK2 and playing project cars totally sold me even with the horrible SDE those had - then I got some CV1’s which were also pretty awesome and I had discovered Elite Dangerous but I had trouble reading some of the text - so I read about the PiMax 4k’s and picked up the set I have and frankly they blow away my Oculus in just about every way (for me at least) they are lighter, the headphones are comfy and sound is on par to me with a huge benefit on not needing sensors, so with a laptop it’s not to bad to take with either… I have 2 Oculus’s and 1-4k (We have a game room with room scale and a racer / flight rig I built, I pretty much cannot use the Oculus’s now being used to the 4k’s except things like Super Hot so I was going to sell 1 and replace it with a 4k when I learned of the 5k Plus and this is why I posted here - but now I feel like I should at least try the “standard” 4k edition as clarity is what I was hoping for more of and I will not be able to judge ghosting until I see it and decide if ghosting + clarity outweighs better color and no Ghosting and if I like the ones like I have then I just have to look for 4k’s with a serial starting with 102? This of course will also depend on how I feel about the 5k+ - in the end I have 2 “Cockpit” gaming setups which I would like to have more or less the same and the Oculus for room scale and I will be happy but I want to 2 rigs to be as good as they can be within reason (the 8k is over my budget for this)… are there other serials which have the OLED version other than 102 that I should look for if I wanted to go with another like I have?

Thanks for all the info b.t.w.