Is the Pimax 5k Plus better than the 4k?



the 5k+ will be a huge step up for a Pimax B1, both in clarity and FOV. it does come with a cost though… in this case raw processing power and GPU resources. assuming you have a significant gaming PC to run it i don’t think you will be disappointed with your choice.


well I think the 5k+ order page says GTX 1070 - I have a GTX 1080, my racing rig has a GTX 1060 - I don’t know about the 1060 but if I really like the 5k+ enough with my 1080 then I would probably pick up an RTX 1080 for 1 of the systems and move the 1060 to our virtual pinball which has an old GTX 770 in it so per usual at my house the “hand me downs” usually have a place to go. The other big difference is my main system has a core i7 7700, and the other has an 8 core AMD, I cannot remember which off the top of my head but my understanding as been so long as the game will run w/o VR the cpu is good to go with a VR setup - it’s the video card you need to deal with when using VR unless I missed something.


it sounds pretty good, good luck to you.


Wow Im glad Eno caught that serial number or we would still be going around in circles!! If clarity is what you are after i would at least give the Pimax 4K with the serial number 100 a shot. If your on a budget keep checking Ebay, they come up for sale dirt cheap, now that the 5K+'s and 8Ks are showing up on Ebay it seems more people arent listing the 4K for cheap anymore but keep your eyes peeled.

For me the ghosting isnt a great big deal breaker when it comes to games. Im not really “used” to the ghosting I just put up with it for the “real” Pimax 4k’s clarity. Like Eno I also believe you will be happy with the 5K+ as the clarity will be better than the Pimax 4K BE. Wish you were closer I would let you demo my 4K and 5K+.

It seems we have a something in common, for instance Im a sucker for virtual Pinball, I just havnt pulled the trigger on one. When I do it will be a cabinet made by Pinball Unknown Virtual Pinball Machines, they seem like they have it down to a science with 4K screens and all the bells and whisttles.

One other thing is that I know that Pimax’s website states the 1070 is ok for the 5K+ and I think they might be betting that the Brain Warp will become stable enough to pull it off. But for me my 1080ti struggles on some games with 5K+. Im just so used to being able to turn up all the “in game” settings to Ultra High but with the 5K+ its a whole new ball game, now its a fine balance between Pitool scale rendering, and “in game” settings to get that sweet spot on FPS. Anyhow good luck with your endeavour and have fun!!


Just a heads up… He does not have the Pimax BE he has the Pimax B1. It was Pimax’s 1st offering in a 4k frame with Oled lens. The BE model is their latest evolution of a similar Oled for business use, but you are right the ‘real’ 4k has a higher resolution, virtually no SDE but does have worse Colour/Brightness and bad ghosting. As a avid player of ED I can tell you… You defiantly notice the ghosting in that game.


Oh ok, is the resolution same as BE 2560X1440?


I believe that Pimax B1. Is Qhd Oled (1 screen like 4k) 2560 1440 (1280 1440 per eye)

If I remember correctly it also has a slightly higher refresh of something like 66hz


Thanks - well at least I will have some fun playing with the stuff - I just snagged a 5k+ for $680 so we shall see how it does in Elite with my 1080 and go from there - I am also going to pick up a 4k so I can compare the 3 of them and decide which is the best bet for me - it may be I just wind up hunting down another P1 or BE or whatever since I have not been unhappy with that but it’s worth the effort to get the best fit since I pretty much visit upgrade stuff like this about every other year. I built my own pinball, I did use a 4k tv for the screen but I don’t think the GTX 770 in there ran it so it’s set on 1080p - pinball is pretty intense just like this VR stuff on a PC. I went with a cabinet by Recroom masters:

and I put a real dmd and real coin door into it - I already had all the buttons and a iPac2 controller board for them so that’s what mine is - pretty awesome. You would probably really like the Racing/Flying rig I built - maybe I’ll snap an pic of it and share it.


Sounds like it can only get better for me then and the worst case is I hunt down another P1/BE since I think it’s pretty amazing (compared to an Oculus CV1 anyways) but I did just snag a 5k+ to give that a try.


are the 5k+ officially shipping, the order page makes it appear that way but has a message about shipping by the end of Jan… just curious the status of that.


here is what I built as part of the game room - the white box below the seat is where VR plugs in, it converts from racing to flying mode via a couple of sliding heavy duty server rails and flip into place, then out of the way when racing - it is kind of cool in elite to use the wheel and pedals for the SRV when on a planet…

anyways I wanted something “arcadey” feeling - the seat is a leather seat out of a ford mustang I believe, adjusts just like it does in a car, leans back, back and forth - it works very well - mounted some “boomber” speakers in it that give feedback when crashing or boosting in Elite - also kinda cool.


ok the situation re the delivery is a little vague from Pimax’s end. but they have said that they will deliver ‘ALL’ of the Pimax Kickstarter backers headsets before they start to ship to any Pre Order, so no one can really give you a definite answer on when it will ship to be honest.



WOW … that is a nice setup… i would love something like that for my office/game area! do you have the plans on how you made it by any chance … something that could help me build something similar?



oh, also if you build one and have a junkyard near by - do yourself a favor and go get a real car seat - the are built a gillion times better than any gaming seat I have seen and it will likely cost you a ton less too.


I don’t really have plans but could take some measurements if you want - it’s kinda of based it off of the Ricmotech RS1 and they sell plans ( but those were much bigger space wise than I wanted (I wanted it to be 4ft long when not in use) and they did not look “arcadey” enough to me and I wanted to incorporate the red t-molding to match my mame arcade machine and this is what I came up with - the chair part is a separate piece all together and it plugs into the base for the rumble speakers with RCA jacks - it slides in and out and the seat moves so it also accommodates people of all sizes. It was cheap to build - I made it out of 2x4’s for the base (and base of the chair part - I think 6 total) and 1 sheet 3/4" MDF - then some cheap carpet like you would use on a speaker cabinet, some t-molding and some carbon fiber vinyl, L-brackets, screws and staples. It probably all cost less than $150 without the chair which I got at a local junkyard for $50 and the server rails which were around $80.


forgot to ask - I should not have to do anything except plug in the “official” 4k to try it or would that use some other firmware / software than what I showed? I would really hate to mess up what I have by installing other versions. I have a new 4k to try that will be here today.


I have my 4K and 5K+ both plugged into my GPU and respective USB ports/ When I power one of them on with the power button on the HMD, the Pitool will recognize it. So you only have to use the Pimax 5K+'s Pitool, and wont need PiPlay anymore.

Also I think my PiPlay has been decommissioned since I installed Pitool

Yes that is a nice gaming rig!


Cool - I don’t think I have pitool installed, but I don’t have any pimax on that racing setup - I use the pimax in my office upstairs right now and the oculus on that rig so I will install pitool on that and see how it goes - my new 4k is 4 stops away so the fun and testing between the ghosting “100 s/n” 4k and my whatever it is B1 “102” 4k will begin in about 15 minutes and then of course next week the 5k should be here and potentially break my bank! I will want it to run as high as it can do I have been already looking into RTX 2080’s - I don’t get the Ti models usually because the price/performance difference usually does not make sense to me most of the time… so not intending it, it looks like I will have a Dk2, 2x CV1’s, 2x-4k’s (100 and 102) and a 5k+ here all at the same time, at least briefly…


Very cool, be sure to post how you like or (dislike) the “real” 4k, Would interesting to hear what you have to say about it. If memory serves me, most who tried the 2080 vs 1080ti preferred the 1080ti. I cant justify spending the money on the 2080ti just yet either. Ill have to wait for the 3080ti’s or wait till the 2080ti’s price is at least 1/2 off.

Well Im gonna go for a round of Derail Valley in the P5K+. Enjoy your new toy!


well so far I am not liking the “real” 4k to much - it’s hard to compare because where it would sit comfortably on my face the image is very blurry - but when adjusting the “up and down” if I put the “nose area” on the very tip of my nose it’s clear but very uncomfortable - the padding is way more comfy on the “B1” - I am not even sure this one will fit my face since it has to rest so low on my nose or like I said at the very tip so unless I can figure that out it won’t matter how clear it is - it’s going back to Amazon and I am not sure if there is any way around that - I cannot imagine anyone using it like that so I must be missing something.