Is the Pimax 5k Plus better than the 4k?



Do you wear reading glasses, I mean only needing glasses for close up objects. I do. The Pimax 4K has the focal length or whatever its called, is very close to your eyes. Its the only VR headset I have to wear my readers glasses. Maybe try that


I can see up close ok, in fact I have to take my glasses off to read up close usually and always for VR - if you can picture the upside down “V” where your nose normally sits - I have to put the tip of the “V” on the tip of my nose to get it focused, tilting it upward some and raising it up - that is just not going to work at all for me and I hope the 5k is not like that too because that won’t work for me either - it’s pretty awful really.


Man sorry you dont like it. This kinda proves that everyone sees a headset differently. Unless there is something else going on here. To find the sweet spot I too have to move it down to the upside down V on my nose but not too terribly far to where its uncomfortable or hanging off my nose. Mine has a really good swee spot compared to the OLED HMD’s Ive used in the past


Something else I just thought of is maybe if you try a different software and firmware to give you a better experience.

These combinations are best for me and they were recommended by some on the forum. My Piplay is and my firmware is

You might have to ask around or search around on how to find the downloads.



Try changing the IPD values on piplay, that might help


well they work better for my wife, she says the new ones are clearer but darker, on my old version there is no nose padding unlike the new ones… I have no idea of where to get firmware and how to update it. I am running piplay 3. something - the pitool I downloaded does not find anything connected… I do not have pitool on my other pc and that is the one I use normally so I plan on leaving that untouched.


Doesn’t the IPD adjust the pupil spacing left/right and not up/down?


I think he means to clear up some of the bluriness


I tagged Heliosurge, he might be able to help find it, he knows this forum like the back of his hand


Yep it the 4K with old school LCD panels will be darker, however theres a slider scale for brightness in the PiPlay app. Im not sure why the PiTool isnt picking up the 4k ,well its a Pimax lol. Dont give up on it just yet. I actually was like you and sold mine on Ebay. Then like 2 months later the buyer wanted to return it, and per Ebay’s lame a$$ rules, always skewed to help the buyer, I had to take it back. Im glad I did because I grew to really like it.


well I got it a little better, had some extra cushions I bought for my Dk2 back when and cut the nose part out of one of those and used it with these new 4k’s which let it sit properly now. I can see now why you were joking about me not seeing ghosting in the 4k - it is VERY noticeable! I am sure I can tweak this new one some more and will try but I wonder did you ever try the other version I have the “B1”? There is really no ghosting and I think the color is better, brightness so far better and the clarity - not a massive difference although I will say I do get SDE but I am honestly thinking that is not as bad as the ghosting with all things considered… it’s a tough call but I think what I will have to do is spend an hour or 2 just playing with the new one and then decide - it’s not as cut and dry as it was when I got my “B1’s” which just blew the Oculus out of the water for clarity and SDE once I got them running right…

anyways still leaning toward the old ones a.t.m.


Yes I have had both the B1 and the 4k, and what you described in your last post is exactly what I described further up…

B1 has better colors, and brightness, but more SDE and little to no ghosting
4k has better resolution, no SDE and bad ghosting, but colors and brightness is worse.

There are some registry fixes you can apply on pitool to increase brightness to level 4 (1 notch above the max of 3)
And I have a feeling that the B1 used a different firmware to the 4k but I’m typing this on a train on my phone and the mobile search is rubbish in this forum.



When you get a minute can you explain what to change in the registry and how? Much thanks!


I think I am sticking with the B1 - it’s probably because it’s what I am used to and it is certainly clearer than my oculus, now the 5k+ that will arrive next week may change everything but again who knows - I just don’t see a huge difference and I think it’s a preferance - in Elite planets, bases, station etc do not look any clearer to me in the 4k over the B1 but I will say the background of space itself does look better to me in the 4k probably due to a more uniform darkness, faces on characters are obviously clearer too but it came down to the small SDE vs the darkness and ghosting… Wife likes the 4k’s a tad bit better until she moves, she gets VR sick sometimes and the ghosting she thinks is causing it to happen quicker and more often because she can play longer in the B1’s… so I am still going to give it one more day but I am about 99% positive.


Sure stixvr

Add the below reg keys

Note… Ensure that you backup your registry Before making any changes!




Its been so long since Ive messed with registry I dont even remember how to get to it, well this is a little over my head. But thanks for trying to help me out :grinning:


I will jump on my pc and give you step by step instructions with screenshots to make it easier for you… Can’t do that on my phone :slight_smile:


ok here goes…

This change is for Piplay
It will add an additional brightness number on the slider in piplay from 3 to 4.
note i may refer to items as ‘folders’ rather than specific keys/values etc to save on confusion.

  • Click START on your PC
  • Type REGEDIT so it appears in your search right click on the REGEDIT and choose RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR
  • in the prompt to make changes to your device choose YES
  • the following window will open:
    right click on the top folder My Computer and choose EXPORT (this will make a backup of your registry) navigate to your documents folder as shown below…

    give the backup a name… in my case i called it RegBackup_16_02_19

Let the backup finish before continuing.

  • next, expand the HKEY_CURRENT_USER by clicking once on the left arrow to the left side of it.
  • then expand the folder below called SOFTWARE by clicking once on the left arrow to the left side of it.
  • now click once on PIPLAY2 which will be listed in the left navigation as shown below

now on the right side of the window will be the registry entries for that folder…you may see 2 itmes in there… (Default) and device_id. we are going to be adding 2 more.

so now right click in the white space on the right side of that window a little below where it says device_id

  • choose NEW then DWORD (32-Bit) VALUE it will ask for a name for that value… enter “min_bright” and press enter. it should look like this now:

    ok we have now set the min level for the slider… we are now going to set the max level (note it cant go above 4!
  • same as before right click in the white space on the right side of that window a little below where it says device_id
  • choose NEW then DWORD (32-Bit) VALUE it will ask for a name for that value… enter “max_bright” and press enter. it should look like this now:

but we need to change the entry in the max value from 0 to 4… so double click on the max_bright entry and you should get this screen:

overtype the 0 value with a 4 and click OK so now it looks like this:

once you have done this… close the regedit by clicking on the top right X and restart your PC…
Open Pitool and check your brightness slider, you should be sitting on level 3 but there should now be a level 4 which improves the brightness further.

hope this helps :slight_smile:

if the instructions dont make sense, let me know and maybe we can use discord and i will talk you through it?



Yea man great!! Ill play with it tomorrow , getting late. Thanks again for taking the time to post all that!! :exploding_head::beer::beers:


I noticed that when I open PiPlay now that I have Pitool installed, it seems as though Pitool has deactivated PiPlay.