Is the Pimax 5k Plus better than the 4k?



is the new brightness there now?


I havnt made changes just yet as I was a bit confused. So just to clear things up. I was under the assumption that if I made the changes in “PiPlay”, that it would not affect “Pitool”.
But you are saying that if I make the changes in “PiPlay”, the changes will take place in “Pitool”, is this correct?


This change puts the new colour slider in version

You are adding registry values in a key called piplay is all


Ok and this should new “4 brightness” will show up in PiTools? Like I said my PiPlay doesnt work with my Pimax4K anymore since I loaded Pitools for my 5K+.


that version of pitool will also work with the 4k as well… i use it on my one :slight_smile: