Is the vanishing of Ethan carter vr playable on the pimax now..?


One of the only games, if not the only one, that I stopped playing for a better headset was the vanishing of Ethan carter vr. So it was really disappointing when sweviver said it had issues with the pimax. I don’t remember what kind of issues though, has any other testers tried it out on the pimax? Any big issues…?


Sorry missed this one.

Ethan Carter is playable but has doubling on some text (close 1 eye to read)even with Parallel Projection on(needed). This also occurs with the portal to reconstruct past events.

You need small fov & pitool setting if mem serves of 0.5 or 0.75.

Normal & Large make textures look very low res & text shimmery to unreadable. Unfortunately thus game needs Astronauts support of which some users have said is unlikely to happen.

A true shame as it’s a nice looking game.


oh :(((((((((((

I emailed astronaut once but they didn’t reply unfortunately


I was the same, I playsed Ethan on my Pimax 4K and the quality is outstanding on that. But no 6dof so I quit the game to play it further on the 8K (or 5K+)…