Is there a list of games requiring Parallel Projections?


Does anyone know if there’s a comprehensive VR list of games that require Parallel Projections?

Specifically, I’d like to know about the following:
Assetto Corsa
Assetto Corsa Competizione (UE4 engine)
Project Cars 2
IL-2 Sturmovik
and the likes…


Assetto Corsa: No need
Project Cars 1/2: need
Raceroom: need PP


Thanks for that… We should make a running list though. I know iRacing needs it too


battlezone (prevent edge is distortion)
Google Spotlight
fallout 4 vr
fruit ninja (prevent slow rendering edge)

Although fps is increased when not use parallel, image look less clarity than using too.

Be sure to check the whole post !


Awesome - thank you!


There is bug in the list:

Assetto Corsa - need PP :confused:

just checked on normal FOV and without it picture in lenses are not synchonized

Edit: Ok my mistake, in Oculus Rift mode need PP in OpenVr is not needed


I leave it on when running it, but I haven’t run it lately. I will try without it.

But I want to know about rFactor2 - is it required?


I just have the SteamVR Version. There you do not need PP on. And it runs VERY good :+1:


PP should be only on when needed. It corrects the viewport to fit the angled displays.
To have it on while not needed does no only cost performance but very likely does bring other distortions with it.

For rFactor2, i do not have this game. Try it out and check if you see anything wrong with PP off. Then with it on. Should be obvious which one is correct.


When changing PP, do you need to restart the game or the entire headset, and PiTool?


only steam vr…


Great link I grabbed from Reddit:

Thx to the author :slight_smile: