Is this monitor worth?

I would like your opinion about this monitor

Is it worth or what would you get in place of this monitor?

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So was/is it…? :smiley:

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The CHG9 Series C49HG90DMN 49" LED Curved monitor :slight_smile:

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I mean was it worth it…? :wink::+1:

Compared to my previous monitor, for sure. This monitor is something else.
Not all the games would use the whole aspect ratio of the monitor.

Also, i wish i could mount it on my p6 rig, but the rig can not mount any monitor on it. I would need to mount the monitor on a stand to put in front of my rig.

I wish i would have the money to get 3 more these monitors to use in a 360 degree setup. Maybe 1 day the price of this monitor would go down?..hopefully

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I’m really, really envious of that P6 rig. Looks like a really cool product.

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The p6 has benefited a lot from this

Many more games are now compatible with the p6 and this is now a plug and play software compared to simtools software.

SRS are still optimizing their software for the p6 and it is going to get better.

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I think It is suitable for TV watching.