Is upscaling needed?



I was wondering if the upscaling on the 8K really is needed for the future?
I really would like to see the option in Pitool to be able and run the PIMAX 8K in its full resolution direct without the upscaling. It could be that Pitool has the option to go full or use the upscaling.
Is this something Pimax talk about or planning to do?


The 8k we have upscaling ia needed as the hardware used that was available at the time. The new advances in hardware in the upcoming 8kX however can be ran without upscaling & has moved from needing dual DP to a single. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Wow! When will that happen? I hope that concerns the 8K as well?


It won’t happen with the Base 8k. The 8kX is the project/flagship that can deliver native 4k/eye. The base 8k doesn’t have the componets needed to be able to acheive it. (Bridgechip for example cannot send 4k native /display)


So I hope I can use the “trade-in program” to trade in my 8K to a 8kX?