Issue Starting Pimax 5k+: Screen does not turn on, LED Red (solid)



The shared memory option is what switches the on board graphics on or off


I just put up a post in Feedback asking if any other MSI board owners have the HMD working


Is there no option showing for shared memory?

I have no such option in my BIOS. I’ve explored it in its Advanced mode, and no such option presents it self under any of the options. I am tired of repeating my self but it does not seem that the integrated graphics device is even on because it does NOT show in the device manager for me.

If the issue is integrated graphics and not just something else then yeah sure, but again since the thread was it has been a 20300 problem after a specific event described in the first post.

Also I wouldn’t point my finger just yet at a specific motherboard brand not working, the sample size happens to be 2; because equally I could point that other 3 headset brand work fine on this motherboard… I have also yet to have had any issue with this board for the 2 years I’ve been using.

Because it if was Motherboard issue, it would present it self as a USB issue, not as a “screen is not turning on” or 20300 issue.

And even then, whats done is done, and others will be in the same situation. Its not good if a peripheral device is not working where competitor can work, so this is something Pimax must address if it is the case.

And no, I cannot use an extension slot: I dont have them because I am using an mITX board, not an ITX board. Its also one of two mITX z270 Boards that were available in early 2017 in my region, with the other being out of stock.


Just sat through a few Teamviewer sessions, will be sending my Pimax back for a replacement, but will be asking around /r/pimax if there are any other MSI users that have gotten theirs to work fine in the meanwhile just to try to eliminate it as a variable.


Are there also any problems with the ASRock Z370 Pro4?


Okay interesting. Haven’t tested my msi z270 carbon itx. It will be awhile before I find it & need inet connection & to purchase another copy of w10.

Mine is an mitx carbon 5 rgb as well that I bought for under $160 ca(only bought it due to price as reviews were not stellar compared to competitors boards).

Good to hear mighr be headset but so far here 2 MSI boards with 1 that seems confirmed mb potential issue.

Screen backlight should be seen with just wall adapter plugged in no pc.

Matx is next sized up with 3 pci slots.


display connection issues are common with every monitor ive ever owned for years. When pimax said they were using DP , i worried.


The reddit threads say there are 2 other MSI board users that have no issues.

I think it is just a case of reverse survivorship bias, where those who have their pimax working wouldn’t say anything about it. So with a bit more data, could say for certain its not the boards.

In anycase, once i get my unit send out and get the replacement, we will see for certain.


I was also told to RMA my headset but im reluctant to do so considering it works on another PC.

I will ordered another powered hub as well as another PCIe USB card and will see how i go with those when they arrive.


I also installed piplay.
And the screen no longer appears.
I uninstalled and reinstalled everything.
Green lamps now come on
When you start up, the image appears on the left lens for a moment but it disappears immediately.
The motherboard is MSI’s z170-s01.
The video card is 1080.
I want you to cure it quickly if it recovers.


Try using ccleaner or something similar to clean registry.



So issue is not definitely my Motherboard, the new unit works, aside from another issue regarding it (pixel dust storm) and occasionally the screen going black random frames. Will keep monitoring the situation.


Awrsome great to hear. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


I created a new topic regarding my new issues.

The issue here was the cable, the new unit “works”, and the old unit “works” if I use the new unit cable on it. However I now Have a new set of issues that make the headset unusable for any longer time than 30 seconds.
Random Pimax 5K+ Shutdowns and Pixel Storm

So the issues in the OP here are due to a bad cable.


This is exactly how my 5k+ is behaving.

blank/dead screens.
It has never worked and i have done all the kther trouble shooting.

My pc has been behaving perfectly with rift, vive, and various regular screens.
5k+ = DOA.
Only response I have gotten was to delete the lighthouse tracking file…
I of course repeated myself again.
THIS IS A DEAD HMD. I’m not losing tracking.
although not that I would know.
But it clearly tracks in the steamvr mirror.



Hi Bob.

Sorry to hear. So just to be clear the headset is detected & led is green/purple not red. But screens do not come alive & do not appear backlight on?

Have added Dallas up your post.


The light is red or purple, I would personally call it magenta but that is beside the point.
First session I teouble shooter it did also go green on occasion by haven’t seen that since.

And yes hmd is recognised by pitool, tracked by lighthouses and even pairs with the wands.
I have verified that the hmd tracks in steamvr home mirror and I can wave the wands in front of the mirror.
Both tracking well.
The panel LED’s, or backlight, stay off.

A few times a minute the HMD disconnects and reconnects randomly as shown in pitools, this also introduces a freeze for my computer.

Sometimes very rarely the right panel does flare up but never more than half a second, like 1 out of 10 reboots.


Okay with adding Dallas to your post this should help expedite things. They might if they haven’t want to try a skype teamviewer session to see if they can get your headset working.

Sorry for the inconvenience but please be patient.


My first guess would be bad cable.
Nothing I do with the cable provokes a disconnect though.

Or corrupted firmware update.


On the possibility of firmware you could try reflashing it