Issue Starting Pimax 5k+: Screen does not turn on, LED Red (solid)



Has anyone had success using these filters?


Park has & maybe some others. While I don’t seem to have an issue have order some filters. But i imagine one could likely remove from cables they have already with them installed.


I wouldn’t worry before you have to. I got mine 1 week ago and was glad to be at the back of the pack, so much of the hardware and some of the software could be debugged before I got it.
As far as my hardware goes, I could not be more pleased. Solid casing with no indication of cracks, no dead pixels, no black dots. I cannot even see distortion and thought my glasses might be obscuring it so I put in my contact lenses and still can’t see any. the biggest surprise after all the concerns about black levels is that Elite Dangerous appears every bit as black as my Rift. Don’t know if I won the lottery on panels but happy as a pig in poop with the hardware.


Whatvis your ipd?..


I think I settled in about 66.7 but the ranges seems to be a little flexible for me.